Google+ Brand Pages 5 Tips to a Successful Start

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Google+ Brand Pages – How To Get Started with 5 Tips for Your Brand Pages

Google’s entrance into the social network arena had come with mixed reviews. Google+ went live earlier in 2011 and the first problem was the lack of support for Google Apps and Google+. They fixed that, but then the Google+ brand pages became a problem and they fixed that.

Google+ is making a mark and is striving to get better. So how can your company take advantage of Google+ brand pages. Here are 5 Tips to get your brand page setup.

1. Profile Page

Photos are important and like the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words! Make sure you have a some pictures in your Scarp-book area! Nice descriptive pictures that will allow the visitor to know a little about your company and Google+ brand pages.

Google+ Brand Pages Profile

2. About Page

Make sure you tell visitors what you do and link to relevant pages on your website. It is also a good idea to let people know who manages and maintains the page by adding a link to their personal Google+ page.

If you want people to contact you provide contact information like phone, email, physical address, website etc.

Also, be sure to add links in the Recommended Links section in the side bar. You can add links to other sites, social media accounts, pages on your website etc.

Google+ About Page

3. Photos Page

As I mentioned in tip 1 it is great to have photos so people get an idea of what your company is about, products and services and the things you like to do.

Google+ Photo Page

4. Videos Page

If you have videos be sure to upload them here as well. I know many people have them on YouTube or other video sharing sites however, it is also important to offer your videos in as many channels as your visitors use and Google+ brand pages has a video sharing section.

Google+ Video Page

5. Find and Share Circles

Look to connect with other businesses, people, and pages. Just like other social networks, look for people and pages that you can participate in the conversion with. Find pages like G+ Business Pages Directory to find shared circles that you can add to your circles.

Google+ Business Pages Directory

That should get you started and be sure to let us know when your Google+ Brand Pages are up and we will add you to our circles.

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