Google Plus Another Wave?

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Google+ My Thoughts…

Google+ has been going for about two months now and I am wondering what you think. Here are my thoughts and please let me know what yours are by leaving a comment.

Is Google+ going to replace Facebook?

I do not think so, the platform has many new features that I find very useful, like Circles and the huddle feature looks interesting. However, I think Facebook will remain a popular platform because of the user base and it has been a way friends and family have stayed connected for some time now.

Is Google+ just another social network?

No, I think Google Plus even in its early stages has great promise and for me will become much more useful for my business then Facebook. Right now I am finding myself using Facebook for business less and less. I think it is important to find the Social platforms that you like and that you are willing to be an active community member. Google+ is one of those platforms for me. Like any social network you have to ask yourself is this going to work for me? If not move on, if so embrace and be active.

What do you like about Google+?

I like the simple use of posting and adding things to Google+ and how you can decide who that post goes to by using your Circles. This is a great way to integrate your work and your personal life, because you can post to your family or friends a lot different content then you will post to your work mates.

What don’t I like about Google+?

So far the really thing I think that is missing is an API for other services to interact with Google+. I use HootSuite to track and manage my Social networks and would love to see Google+ integrated in that suite.

Who Should use Google+?

You can only answer that, if you are not on Google+ but would like to have a look, leave a comment and I will send you an invite to join. The best way to decide if it is going to work with you is to go in and have a look around. If you feel that it my fit with your social media strategy then you are already started. If not then you can simple move on.

CNET did a video Review of Google+

[jwplayer mediaid=”2408″]

Here are some great tips to get you going with Google Plus on the Social Media Examiner

That is my take so far, I can honestly say I am not an early adopter of Google Plus, I have only been using it for about 3 weeks now and do enjoy its ease of use and content sharing options. I would like to see some features added that I think are on the way based on the comments from Google.

How about you? Do you User Google+ and if so what do you think? If you do not, why is that?

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