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Search engine optimization is important in today’s world because it helps your site be found by the major search engines so that you can take advantage of all the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a critical part of digital marketing as more people rely on web searches to find what they need online. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, means making sure that when someone enters keywords into Google and other popular search engines like Bing -keywords related to specific content- their website will come up at the topmost spot for said keyword(s). It also includes tweaking some sites with these key words embedded within them too! This was made possible through studying both traffic patterns and data from past internet use which then helped refine how we displays

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What is SEO?

Simply defined, SEO, or search engine optimization, is about making sure the main search engine algorithms find your content when a user types a specific keyword or keyword phrase into a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Our SEO Services will optimize your content with research to find keywords and use them strategically in your web pages, online content, and social media posts.

Unlocking The Power Of Search With DMG SEO Services

Despite search engine optimization importance, most small businesses still fail to optimize their web pages with keywords, according to vSplash’s SMB DigitalScape data. This report found that 56.3% of SMB websites have no keyword info for search engine discovery.

Without keywords, your audience can’t find you and if your audience can’t find you, then why are you in business in the first place? DMG’s search engine optimization services will help you find more a strategy that generates leads for your sales funnel.

Proof is in the numbers

SEO stats for business

Still not convinced? Here are some numbers that show how important it is to have a SEO strategy in place for today and the years to come.

Google accounts for over 79% of all global desktop search traffic
72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles
50% of search queries are four words or longer
30% of mobile searches are related to a location
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Search Engine Optimization

Tailor-Made SEO Services

Customized Search Engine Optimzation Strategy

Identifying an initial list of keywords is just the start. Search engine optimization is a constant process in part because search engine algorithms change regularly.

Search engines like Google and Bing want to deliver the best results to the user and so they continuously adjust the formulas that evaluate and judge content.

Search Engine Marketing Plans

Backed by research and monitored for success

The major search engines adjust their formulas to protect both the searcher and businesses from keyword heavy content farms that exist as an advertising revenue vehicle.

This is considered black hat SEO. Our SEO services are built around current trends, quality content and focused approach on strategy and long-term success.

SEO Process

Our SEO services is backed by research and what is happening with the current search algorithms. 

Monitored and Optimized

SEO is a moving goal post and that is why good quality SEO is so important. Daily monitoring, and updating as need to maintain your ranking.

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SEO is about making sure the main search engines find your site online, critical to your digital marketing plan.

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