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Visitors To Your Website – What are they there for?

Visitors To Your WebsiteIf you are like we are, I am sure you spend a great deal of time to get visitors to your website. But how many of you spend the time to be clear what you want those visitors to do once they get to your website?

Many website owners spend time and resources managing the SEO, Social Media, Blogging and other traffic generating tactics. However, is traffic the answer?

Website traffic is not the answer, it is part of the answer. Just getting a bunch of visitors does not mean anything if you are not meeting your website goals. For true website success we need to look past the one metric of visitors to your website and define what those visitors do when they arrive.

If you have not defined a clear set of goals for your website then this is where you should start. Is your website to share information, to build your brand, to sell widgets or to generate leads? Defining the goals of your website is the first step in getting the most from the visitors to your website.

Now that you have a goal of what you want your website to do when a visitor arrives, you have a great gauge to build your content and offers around. Knowing what the end goal for the visitor will help you provide the quality relevant content to that visitor, and in turn if all goes well they will convert to a sale, lead, share or comment.

It is not just about selling the visitors as soon they arrive. It is about developing a relationship with them to insure that you can provide value and in return they will become loyal and faithful visitors.

Your website is now armed with defined goals, now visitors will comment, share, fill in a form or become clients. Then if you continue to offer value to that visitor, it becomes a long-term relationship.

And to think that all started from deciding on what the goal is when you have visitors to your website!

What are your website goals?

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