Cloud Storage Tutorial – Hard Drive in the Clouds

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cloud storage tutorialCloud Storage Tutorial to put your hard drive in the cloud

With the power of cloud computing becoming main stream, it is now more than ever a great chance for businesses and individuals to use the power and infrastructure of cloud computing for increasing their computer storage needs. Here is a cloud storage tutorial to put your hard drive in the Cloud. Gone are the days of buying more expensive hardware to add backup space or storage for files. Add an application like Gladinet’s Cloud Desktop (Coupon Code DAMANMEH91 ) and you can map to your cloud storage drive just like a mapped network drive.

Hard Drive in the Clouds a cloud storage tutorial, How does this work? What can the small business do to utilize this type of storage? Options and Costs range from Amazon S3, a very affordable cloud storage option, to other programs like Dropbox, that are also well priced solutions and have the ability to connect to many devices. You can now even use your Google Docs account which can take any file type. These are just a few of the options available and ones I personally use.

To get started Sign up for an account and use any of the powerful tools to manage files on your cloud storage just like working on your local hard drive. You will need broadband connection if you are moving a lot of files.

Gladinet’s Cloud Desktop (Coupon Code DAMANMEH91 ) is a great app because you can mount drives that are cloud drives and setup synchronization so that you can have access to those files while offline, like say now when I am writing this I am on a flight. Once I get access to the Internet again I can just connect boot up my computer and the Cloud Desktop app takes care of all the synchronization for me.

Another great use for cloud storage is for your high bandwidth files for your website like video and audio streaming. Store these on a service like Amazon S3. Embed them on your website and all the streaming load is from Amazon instead of your website.

Below is a cloud storage tutorial showing you how to use Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Organizer for Firefox and the Viper’s Video Quicktag to host a video on your WordPress Powered Website. This is just one of the many ways you can utilize Cloud Computing Storage for backups, website files, personal storage and more.

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What do you use for cloud storage? Share your tips for our readers, leave a comment!

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