Google Plus What Does it Mean for Unsatisfied Facebook Users?

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Google Plus - Facebook Changes

Google Plus, What Does it Mean for Unsatisfied Facebook Users?

It’s no surprise that with Google Plus leaving the beta testing mode and opening its figurative doors to the public that Facebook decided to come out with new features to wow its users and keep them from heading over to the new social network. But like every change that Facebook has implemented, users revolted. Except this time, they have a new social media site to flock to. So will this be the demise of Facebook?

Facebook users have been up in arms for the past week over all the new changes that keep rolling out. At any given time, you can log on and look at your Newsfeed and see a range of unsatisfied comments from friends, complaining heavily about the new Newsfeed, the awkward Ticker, and a slew of other changes that coincided with the opening of Google Plus to the public. Users have been demanding that settings change back and forging loyalty to the new Google+.
But even with the radical Facebook changes and the threats of leaving the social network behind, it’s unlikely that this will result in the end of Facebook. For one, the site has grown to include 800 million people, which is a pretty staggering number and it’s doubtful that even with some number of people making the switch from Facebook to Google Plus that it would be detrimental to the site. That’s not to discount the fact that Google Plus is growing at an alarming rate, but if people can successfully run Facebook and Twitter, what’s to say they can’t also pledge allegiance to Facebook and Google Plus?

Google Plus

Then there’s the whole point that Facebook is obviously more well-established. Users are used to the frequent and sometimes bizarre changes, no matter how reluctantly they may first adopt them. And usually, after a certain period of crying about them, they adjust quite well. You also are able to do more on Facebook than on Google Plus, so even if Google Plus boasts some pretty cool new features, such as “hangouts” and “circles”, you still are able to obtain more information from Facebook. And let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time on social networking sites to glean information about friends, acquaintances, and even strangers… creepy as it may be.

While Google+ is dressed up in a shiny, new package and probably will steal some users from Facebook, it seems unlikely that it’s going to take the social networking mogul out, at least not for a while. People are too established in Facebook to just give it up and too many of their friends are still engaging in day-to-day activity on the site. Though it’d be a mistake to count Google Plus out of the picture seeing as it is the first site that seems to pose a real threat to Facebook, but it seems more likely that people will learn to coexist on the two networks rather than give up one for the other, just as coexist on every other social networking site out there.

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