Virtual Teams, Tools for Virtual Team Collaboration

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Virtual TeamsVirtual Teams, Tools for Virtual Team Collaboration

What tools and resources are available to virtual teams who are working on remote teams? Which ones would your virtual team incorporate, why or why not?

There are many types of tools and resources available to virtual teams and groups that are interested in virtual team work and collaboration.

They are not all equal in dynamics of functionality or stability. That is why in-depth research is required before moving your virtual teams into a virtual environment, were the challenges of time zones, technical and Internet connectivity are influencing factors to the success of virtual teams collaboration.

[message]Some tools to consider that are functioning with seamless proficiency are: document storage, group calendars and scheduling, collaboration and editing, teleconferencing, web conferencing, project site management, email and instant messaging.[/message]

Often in virtual teams collaboration, the use of many different software solutions are the down fall of their success. The ultimate use of one provider is ideal. This provider will have all of the above tools allocated to one resource. A provider like Google and Google Apps that have a stable platform and an infrastructure foraging the virtual team work environment.

Gone are the days of “companies thinking employees really want to shuffle into video conferencing facilities so they can see and hear the boss”- says Eric Lundquist in eWeek:tech@work

Google Applications, also known as Google Apps is a stable cloud commuting platform created by the leading online resource and search tool, Google. This online software allows the team to use all of the tools like: document storage, group calendars and scheduling, collaboration and editing, teleconferencing, web conferencing, project site management, email, in one site.

Some of the benefits of Google Apps are that files are stored in the matrix of the online servers. Never having to be uploaded or downloaded onto individuals’ computers. Rather the team shares files via logging into an account online. Files are shared in a common spacein the cloudmeaning virtually. Files are revised and edited online and old outdated versions are available to view but do not need to be uploaded or downloaded, which in the past has created fragmented and duplication of information that is to be shared among group members.

Individuals in the virtual teams have the access to multiple tools that will help them with their individual contribution to the virtual teams success. Each person on the virtual teams would have a Google Apps account that would give them access to all of the above mentioned tools and resources.

What does your virtual teams use for collaboration?

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