Facebook one of the highest Blocked Sites

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Really Facebook is one of the highest blocked sites

Facebook at the OfficeYes, recently I got an update from OpenDNS and they had mentioned that one of the highest blocked sites on corporate networks is Facebook along with some others like YouTube, and Twitter. I had to take a second read…

I mean is it really still that way in the bigger corporate networks? Are we still in an age where companies do not trust their people enough that they have to censor what it is their employees are reading on the internet? Don’t you think a little facebook time is much better then sitting playing solitaire?

When is it going to change that companies start to look at their people with the respect that they deserve? Productivity comes from empowering people to choose what they do with their extra time in a day. I mean if you really want to get some productivity maybe look at canceling those Monday or Friday meetings.

I guess that is why I do what I do. I love coaching businesses to embrace advancing technologies to empower their people. Now if that means a  little facebook, twitter, and YouTube time and that helps them get more done in less time, then why not?

We have to all join together to help change the working culture of work more – work more, by becoming more productivity so we can work less and play more! Business has to help this shift by offering their people a chance to play and explore what will help them be more productive. I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised at how much more productivity comes with it.

What do you think? Can this work? Can we teach business to implement play time during the day? If we can get our work done in half the time does that mean we should work more?

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