What can Cloud Computing do for me?

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Cloud Computing – Freedom

Cloud Computing Freedom

Yes, that is right, the benefit of cloud computing is freedom. Freedom from the office, freedom from upgrading, freedom in the fullest sense of the word.

Many companies come to us to help improve productivity and reduce costs. Yes, cloud computing can do  that. But, the by-products of that change are so much more freeing. They empower you, your business and your employees.

I have an amazing family, I love spending time with them, so I choose integration. You see with cloud computing I can take them skiing, and if a support request comes in I can answer  it and get back to playing.

I am not saying this happens everyday, but with the power of cloud computing, if I have something planned with my family and have work,  I do not have to sacrifice one or the other. It is now the time to have the freedom to do both. I can take my business with me.

Now to some, taking your work home means that you end up working all the time, well yes and no. You see I love what I do, I love playing in the outdoors, I love hanging out with my kids, and I love helping companies regain work-life balance.  So yes, when I am out playing and I take a break to help a client,  it is not an inconvenience for me. It is just another thing that I love to do that is integrated into my day.

Cloud computing connects me to my life. Not just my work life, and not just my personal life. It brings freedom to integrate it all. I can connect with my clients, our team, and my family. The balance I set out looking for some 10 years ago has arrived. That is the power of freedom – “ Work Less and Play More”

If you are one of those people who live on overworking, never getting out, sleeping at the office, guess what, stick with Microsoft Outlook and the desk. You will drive yourself crazy trying to find things to do at work with the hours you save.

On the other hand, if you are one of those people who wants to leave that behind. Regain some freedom in your life, guess what my friend I have the magic dust for you – cloud computing.

This is it — liberate you laptop, mobile phone whatever you choose to use. Get going, embrace your life, get out of the office once in a while. Get out and play! Freedom awaits…

What do you think? Can you really do business with an integrated approach of life balance?

Cloud Computing Demystified

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