GroupCamp Project Management Review

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GroupCamp- Project Management Tools for the Not Project Manager

GroupCamp ReviewThis is an update to our post 4 Project Management Solutions Reviewed. We were on the search for a project management system and did a review of 4 of the top apps out there and had decided on Zoho Project.

We worked with Zoho Project and really loved the integration with Google Apps, however we were finding one problem. Our clients were not utilizing it to access their information about their projects with us.

We decided to find out why, and it came down to one simple thing, it was to difficult for them to get access to the system.

They told us the learning curve was just to steep for them to take the time to use it. This is something we knew could not continue because from our experience, project updates via emails, text messages, chats etc. usually resulted in something being missed.

We had two options, 1. train them to use Zoho Project or, 2. find something they would use. Now I am sure many of you have experienced trying to make a client use something they do not want to use. So that left one option, we went back to testing.

This is where GroupCamp Project Management came in, we learned about GroupCamp from our original post when James commented about his experience with GroupCamp Project Management. We thought we would have a look and then see what clients thought.

Quick Feature List of GroupCamp Project Management:

GroupCamp Tasks


Create, sort and assign your tasks. Set due dates and attach files to them.

GroupCamp Milestones


Set the key deadlines for your projects and link them to your task lists.

GroupCamp Admin

Administrator apps

Creating projects, users, companies and customize your account.

GroupCamp Files


Easy file sharing in your project. Upload files and send notifications to project members.

GroupCamp Discussions


Create online topics and launch discussions online to track the topic and responses.

GroupCamp Time Logging


Your time-tracking application for all project tasks, billable and non-billable time.

GroupCamp Wiki


Add pages for collaborative writing and document collaboration. Create links between pages. Manage revisions.

We like the usability of GroupCamp and the best point, clients started using it right away! The feedback over the last 3 weeks has been great.

So the conclusion, although Zoho Project was a strong and very robust project management solution you may find that your clients find it challenging. If you are looking for a in-house project management solution Zoho Project will do very well, however if client access and usage is the primary reason for the system then you may want to look at another solution.

We are still evaluating GroupCamp but so far this looks to be the solution for our team and for our clients.

If you are a GroupCamp user share you thoughts and comments, would love to get some more feedback.

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