Work Less and Play More

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Work Less and Play MoreWork Less and Play More, how does that fit into today’s practice of 80 hour work weeks?

That is a question I get a lot. What does our motto of work less and play more have to do with cloud computing, web hosting, web design? Are we a recreation company or a leading technology consultant?

This philosophy was born from my exposure to personal development about 4 years ago. Around the time the movie The Secret came out. Do you remember that one? I was running a design studio at the time and was finding myself less and less fulfilled with the business. I was working more and making less. The business was continuing to grow but I was not.

Through reading and studying the materials of personal development I wanted more. I went from one book to another and was really learning that the problem I was having was that I was throwing hours at my business but none at myself. You can not have one without the other.

I got out of the business, sold everything. One thing I noticed however, was that I had a few clients that wanted to stay with me. They did not want to move and felt that the service I provided them was outstanding. This inspired the creation of the Damang Media Group.

Why did they want to stay? I dug into this, most of these clients were my first. Clients that I had created relationships with when I first started my business. They wanted to stay because they started with me when my business was fun. When I injected my passion for outdoor pursuits into my business. By that I mean that I always built my business around having the time to mountain bike, ski, fly fish. Whatever I wanted to do outside. And because of that passion many of those clients joined me on these regular outings.

Damang Media was created, now what? I now had this thirst for exploring my own growth and wanted to see how I could integrate that in other businesses. I loved technology, closet geek all the way, however I saw many of my clients get disabled by it. Instead of getting more free time to enjoy and re-create, they worked more, got less done and had high levels of stress in the workplace.

That was it, using the power of personal development, productivity, and technology I could coach and teach businesses to work less and play more. Companies that play together stay together. Their employees are happier more productive.

You see the idea of working long hours is dead, it is time to work smarter not harder. Get things done and free your mind and body to explore other pursuits. This will empower you to be more creative, more productive and more prosperous.

That is what personal development does for business! Work Less and Play More…

What do you think? Should we all still work 10 to 12 hours a day?

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