Telecommuting – 6 Tips to Success

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Telecommuting Success

Telecommuting - 6 Tips for SuccessTelecommuting offers many benefits like cost savings, technology improvements and like my recent post it offers freedom. As you know here at Damang Media Group we like to work less and play more. Now that does not mean we don’t work, the way we look at it is we integrate our work into our play. We like to blur the lines of work and play.

Telecommuting is one of the ways to work less and play more. Here are 6 tips to help you blur the lines of work and play. Maybe you can get an extended vacation, work a few days a week from home. Telecommuting successfully will offer these options. With these tips you will be sure to get work done, in less time and at reduced cost. So don’t panic telecommute and maybe you can get an extra week off…

1. Setup a work-space

Just like working from the office you need a place where you can get things done while you are off the grid. Some things to keep in mind, need a place that you won’t be bothered, you have good wi-fi hopefully, and a great view of where you are. I like to be able to look up and see where I am working from reminding me why we keep Damang agile and mobile.

2. Setup a time to work

Now when telecommuting one thing you are not short on is distractions. Go to the beach, hang with the kids, go for coffee with your spouse, you know what I mean. So to be productive it is crucial you set some time aside to get things done. I like to get up early and work a couple of hours then I take the day away and come back in the afternoon for a couple more hours. When you setup the time you are going to work you can get things done in that time. Then you can enjoy the rest of those distractions.

3. Setup a Virtual Phone System

If you need it, this is important, that last thing you want is to have to answer your mobile all the time while you are away. I use a combination of RingcentralGoogle Voice and Gmail’s Call Phone. This way I can take calls, make calls all while minimizing my roaming fees on my mobile.

4. Technology to Make it happen

Use cloud technology to access your email, documents, computers and phone system. I use a combination of Google Apps, cloud storage, Logmein and Google Docs. This gives me access to all my files, email, computers and phone system. This is the power and magic of telecommuting, most of the time the only thing you are missing is the chats around the water cooler. You can tweak the technology you need based on your requirements for the work you do.

5. Get it Done

Now that you have set up the place, put the time aside, and you can connect as needed, get to work. The most important part, don’t let the time slip away, get the work done and then you can go and enjoy the pleasures of telecommuting. This is your part so go ahead and get it done.

6. Enjoy the Day

When you have put work away, put it all away. The one thing I can say is if you are keeping one eye on your work and one eye on something else you do not do either very well. Go and enjoy the beach, go for that coffee with your spouse, let those distractions come in and enjoy. Telecommuting is both rewarding and enjoyable. I now routinely extend my vacations from 1-2 weeks to 3 or 4 weeks without missing any work, and actually find myself more productive.

These tips have been tested for the last 4 years where I have been able to work from the East Coast, West Coast, England, Bahamas, Baja, Mexico and the Yukon. Give it a try on your next vacation and enjoy the power of telecommuting.

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What tips can you share for telecommuting?

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