Google Apps for Work: 5 Reasons Your Business Should Move

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Google Apps For Business - 5 Reasons to Switch“What do you mean you haven’t moved to Google apps for Work yet?”

You may have heard this from one or more colleagues recently. These days, it seems just about every business no matter the size of the company or the specific industry is moving to Google apps for Work. Moving away from traditional software suites and email applications might seem like a risky move but there are so many reasons why a company can benefit from moving to Google Apps for Work. As you consider a move to Google’s business products, consider these top five reasons to make the switch this year.

1. Save money

First and foremost, moving to Google apps will save you money. Just how much money the switch will save depends on the size of your company and whether you hire an onsite IT manager or outsource for this service. However, just considering that you don’t have to purchase and maintain an email server with Google apps means you’ll save at a bare minimum around $10,000. Google estimates its apps cost about one-third of competing business solutions.

2. Mobility

Google apps for Work allow for increased mobility and portability of information so employees can access their email, calendar and other information from any web-enabled device including their smartphones, laptops and tablets. Google apps break down the barriers of place-based business applications freeing employees to do their work when and where they need to.

3. Increased storage

With traditional in-house servers, companies have limited storage capacity for employee email. But today’s business world relies heavily on email as a primary form of communication among employees, clients and business partners. Google Apps for Work provides enough storage space for your employees to save, sort and easily retrieve important emails vital to your business operations. Google apps for Work also comes with powerful sorting and searching options for email so important messages are always close at hand.

4. Decreased technical problems

Google has achieved unparalleled success for a reason. The company prides itself on working effectively and efficiently at all times and minimizing down time or technical problems. Their commitment to quality extends to their business applications. Companies who use Google Apps for Work experience almost no down time, which keeps your corporation operating at maximum efficiency at all times. Additionally, since Google automatically replicates your data across its several platforms such as Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar, your data remains safe and secure even if Google experiences technical difficulties.

5. Reliability & Security

Reducing costs, increasing mobility, boosting your storage and minimizing technical problems are great reasons on their own to switch to Google Apps for Work. But perhaps the best reason to switch to Google for your business needs is the reliability and security a company like Google can bring to your business operations. With a name like Google behind a product, you know you can trust the service and the security their business applications provide.

Make a great decision for your business. Break down the old barriers of the 20th century workplace and you’ll be saying to your colleagues, “What do you mean you haven’t switched to Google yet?”

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