CEO’s Guide to SEO! What You Need to Know

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Guide to SEO

SEO has become synonymous with advertising. Product placement is now nowhere near as important as search result placement, and because of that rock-solid rule, you have companies spending millions on SEO optimization every year. Here’s a guide to SEO and what you need to know about it to make heads or tails of the method.

Everything your CEO needs to know with this guide to SEO.

It’s an Organism

The first thing you need to know in the guide to SEO, is that there isn’t any one person who knows everything that is, has been, or ever will be about SEO. SEO is constantly changing with new technology and new forms of communication, and so someone has to always be researching how the progress is being made and applying it to the strategy being used by your company. SEO is heavily dictated by the filters at Google, and every time Google gets updated you can bet that the SEO community is picking apart the updated to figure out what they need to change about themselves to get their listings back on top of the search results.

After all, that’s essentially what SEO is: it’s a way to get you to the top of the Google search pages. Google is the law, and if you’re on the right side of it it’ll work for you. Placing your name on within the first five search results for a pertinent query will guarantee you a sky-rocket in exposure and explosive growth in your client base. That’s why the heavy hitting companies pay millions of dollars a year on researching best practices and implementing them in their company’s SEO strategy.

It’s Advertising

Oh, so SEO gets you exposure and gets people talking about you? That sounds a lot like the basic goals of advertising, and while back in the day those same ends were met with bolder means (i.e. billboards, TV commercials, radio broadcasts, etc.) today it is done through secret and out of site passageways. Getting your name up on the Google search results is the only advertisement you need, because some of these keywords get upwards of 100 million hits a day, and that’s all traffic being sent down to your site. That’s the power of SEO, and that’s why it has taken over the main job of advertising. Google and SEO have long since changed the status quo.

It’s Essential

As such, it should come as no surprise that having a powerful and effective SEO presence is vital to the success and growth of a company. To do so, you have to attack it from all fronts, and that means optimizing the connections between your social media pages, your company blog, executive’s personal blog’s, your emails, newsletters, company website, and every other medium of contact you have to your target demographic. Optimizing the connections between these sites and ultimately leading the visitor to your store front page is what SEO is all about, and that’s what you need to get a grip on if you want to do it right.

If you were trying to determine the value of pumping more money into your SEO research department, I hope you don’t have any questions anymore. SEO is an absolute necessity in today’s globally connected world, and even if your practices only get you a week-long burst of traffic by riding the wave of a single keyword, that week-long burst of traffic will put you in the green for a long time to come. Get your nets out, it’s time to go fishing.

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