The How and Why Buyers Buy!

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The How and Why Buyers Buy

Believe it or not, there’s a science to why buyers buy what they buy from who they buy from in a business to business setting. Say that ten times fast!

It’s not just random chance or whimsy, there have been studies that have proven that companies that do certain things get more people buying from them more often than not because of something they do differently, and not just because they’re better at what they do. It’s an interesting study, and we’ve broken it down into the basics for you.

This is the science behind what B2B buyers are thinking, the how and why buyers buy

Lucky Number Seven

According to MarketingProfs, there are seven top reasons for why buyers choose one provider over another. A sample size of 700 B2B buyers was analyzed and the following results were found to be the top reasons for why they did business with some over others:

  1. The business educated them with new ideas or perspectives
  2. The business collaborated with them
  3. The business persuaded them that they would achieve results
  4. The business listened to them
  5. The business understood their needs
  6. The business helped them avoid potential pitfalls
  7. The business crafted a compelling solution

Those are the seven in one clean, concise list, but if you look close enough you will notice that all seven of these can be sorted between two categories: collaboration and innovation.


This survey shows that in a B2B setting, working together on projects is more important than having someone get something done for you. Look at numbers 2, 4, and 6 on the list: collaborated, listened, and helped. The business they chose to work with not only got the job done, but they did so by talking things through with their client. They worked toe-to-toe, making sure any updates on one end were received and implemented on the other. Collaborating through equal and consistent communication is one of the keys to setting yourself apart from other businesses in the eyes of a B2B buyer, and that means the personal touch goes a long way.


Let’s talk about numbers 3, 5, and 7 now. Communication and collaboration are incredibly important, but there’s little to be said if you don’t have the mindset to get the work done. You need to think ahead of the curve and be able to prove you can think in abstract directions, and then you have to prove that to your client. This is yet more proof that you need to be equal parts skilled and personable if you want to be successful in a B2B setting. Remember, even if you’re business to business you’re still talking person to person. Cheesy, but true.

If you were wondering why we didn’t mention number 1, you don’t have to hold your breath any longer. Number one finds a home on its own because it in itself is the overarching principle you should shoot for with your B2B client relationships. Educate by working together and show that you have innovation. Those are the two keys to successful B2B marketing, and that is fact backed up by research, dear reader. We’re not just blowing smoke here.

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