5 Things You Can Share on Social Media in 5 Minutes

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Things You Can Share on Social Media

If you’re getting headaches thinking up social media posts for your business, you need to take a deep breath and stop taking the work so seriously. Social media posts, while they do need to have some minimal levels of quality and information, are venues for casually communicating with your customers. If you put too much thought into them, they lose their organic flow, and that’s not what you want. If you feel like you’re backed up and out of ideas, take a look at these five that you can pop out in less than five minutes.

Here’s how to share on social media in less time than it takes for your coffee to cool down.

Polling is always Popular

People love to tell you what they think about almost everything, and social media is a great way to rope them into some good old opinionating. Polling is a simple, low effort way to get readers interacting, and it works. As it turns out, readers are very keen on anonymously clicking buttons to voice their opinions. Just think up some good questions and you’ll be set.

Behind-the-Scenes Snap

If you’re running low on ideas, just take a picture! Pictures are as great for sharing as text-based posts, and sometimes they’re even better because they give the reader a behind-the-scenes look at office life, and that garners an intimate company to consumer relationship you sometimes just can’t get with plain text. Plus, it’s super easy to take a picture of the office and post it online.

Fun Facts

They don’t just have to be about the company, either. If you recently found something out from a friend of a friend of a friend about the origins of the seedless banana, there are probably people out there who’d appreaciate learning about it, too. Obviously make it a little more interesting, but you can always say something along the lines of “Did you know Ben Franklin’s and Cleopatra’s cats are distant relatives of Shere Khan? Small world!” and people would love it, then just ease them towards your shop with another post on top of that one.

Pro Facts

Obviously, not everyone is going to prefer fun facts all the time, so it’ll behoove you to toss in some industry “secrets” every now and again. You don’t have to tell them about the inner mechanisms, but give them some information about how your services work that isn’t listed in the service description. If you offer a weekly special, reminding people about it can count as your pro tip.

Holiday Cheer

As it turns out, the high holidays aren’t the only ones people get jazzed up about. How about Pie Day? People love pie day and yet it’s one of the few holidays that go by without their special Google logo, so it’ll fall onto your shoulders to get the word out. These official and unofficial national holidays happen so often that there will hardly be a week where you won’t have one, so take advantage of that.

Each post doesn’t have to be a masterfully crafted work of art—they can be friendly reminders and personable exchanges, too. Social media sharing is about communicating with your clients and potential customers, and the more you toss out the more you give them to talk about, and the more they talk about the more they’re talking about you. That’s the kind of exposure you want, and we just gave you five ways to do it in five minutes or less.

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