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Backup Google Apps – More Evidence Why You Should

To follow-up on the post on why and how you should Backup Google Apps. The folks over at Backupify have provided an outstanding infographic.

For those of you who feel that there still is not enough data to backup your Google Apps account, this is a great infographic for your review.

Some Highlights


  • Number of times Google has failed to restore data: 0
  • Cases where users are at fault for data loss: 63%
  • 5 Reasons for data loss: User Error 63%, Unknown 15%, Unresolved 11%, Hacked 8%, External App 3%


Backup Google Apps Infographic


[download url=””]Download the Backup Google Apps Infographic [/download]

I think this brings a compelling point of view to why we should Backup Google Apps. Coming back to my first post on why you should backup it comes down to what you are willing to lose.

We should not allow one single point of failure to any of our data storage. This leaves the safety and security of our data to fate.

If you want to give it try click the banner below.

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