Backup Google Apps with BackupifyWhy backup Google Apps?

In the old system of on-site IT, backup was a usual occurrence. I am sure many of us can remember the days of swapping tapes etc. However, I often get asked why should I backup my data in the cloud. Is that not why I put it into the cloud in the first place? In some ways yes, however like any data you should not be vulnerable to a single point of failure. The benefits of adopting a cloud hosting structure is it makes it easier to back up, but does not negate the process of backing up your data.

Why Backupify?

Backupify is the world’s first cloud data backup company. With support for more than 20 services, they have backed up over 81 million emails, 33 million photos, and over 35 Terabytes of data across more than 100,000 accounts.

What you Get

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Price: $3.00/User/Month

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How does it work?

The Google Apps backup system provides automated daily backups of Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Contacts and Sites. A single administrator from your company can authorize all accounts and control backup options. Backups are run regularly and all data is stored on Amazon’s secure cloud storage system, and additional storage options are coming soon.

What are my support options?

We currently offer online, email and phone support, as well as a growing online support community and reference library.

How do I access my backups?

Backups are accessible through any web browser. They can be downloaded to a PC for additional peace of mind. Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar and Contacts data can be directly restored to their original accounts via Backupify’s One-Click Restore feature.

Learning how to access backups and how to manage them will also be covered in our online webinar for all new account holders that get started.

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