Google Apps Help to Enjoy your Holiday Turkey

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Google Apps Help for the Holidays

Google Apps Help for the HolidaysMany of you are heading into the holiday weekend wondering how you are going to get everything done in time to enjoy the break. Let’s face it like many it as been a busy fall and most of us are looking forward to much-needed play time. Let Google Apps help you through the holidays.

Here are some tips to let Google Apps help you manage some of your work while you are away from the office. These tips will reduce the amount of email and tasks you will have sitting there waiting for you when you return after the holiday weekend.

1. Priority Inbox

If you are not using Priority inbox in Gmail then it is a good time to turn it on and get it dialed in. This way when you come back from the holiday your email will be organized by priority and allow you to get through it quickly.

2. Gmail Filters

Take some time before you leave for the break to setup some boiler plate filters. This will allow Gmail to sort and organize your mail while it comes in when you are away. This is a power user tip that will really help with managing your email.

3. Canned Responses

This is a powerful Lab for Gmail. Take some time to setup some canned responses and use filters to send out the messages right away. This is a great way to deal with some frequent messages that are repetitive. This will keep the backlog of messages down after eating turkey all weekend.

4. Google Docs

If you are hosting this weekend use ready-made templates for Google Docs for invitations etc. and you can also setup a Google Form for RSVP’s from your guests. (If you are hosting better get on this now)

So there are 4 tips for Google Apps help for the holidays. All the best for this holiday weekend!

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