4 Tips to Grow Your Email List

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Grow Your Email ListIf you’re struggling to think about ideas that’ll help you grow your email list, don’t think you’re alone without a paddle. Many companies hit a roadblock when it comes to email lists, but there are some simple tricks you can try that you may have never thought of. Here is a list of four methods you can implement to help get your email list booming.

Grow Your Email List Tip 1: Capture Email During Inbound Calls

Whether you have a designated call center or just a single employee with an office phone, you will receive calls from your customers about whatever products or services you provide. This is a great opportunity to collect some additional information from your customer base and studies have shown that they are usually much more receptive of the idea when approached this way. If you think back to anytime you’ve made a sales or service call, try to remember what questions you were asked to verify your identity. Chances are you were asked about your email, and we’re willing to bet you gave it to them without a second thought. Light bulb.

2. Require Email to Create an Account on Website

Another great method that gets you about a 70% success rate when trying to grow your email list. Instead of just asking your site visitors to make a login and a password, ask for an email address as well so you can send them an email verifying their account status. However, make sure you also give them the choice to opt out of receiving newsletters and emails from you, because there is nothing that’ll lose you customers faster than sending them emails they can’t cancel unless they delete their accounts with you.

3. Email Acquisition tied to Loyalty Program Registration Promoted In-Store

Loyal customers love getting deals at the stores they shop at, which is why loyalty programs have become so successful. Why would you shop at another store that doesn’t offer you a 5% discount when you already have one that does? Simply get your customers to fill out their emails on the loyalty program application and you’ll have tons of emails to add to your email list.

4. Registration with Immediate Incentive

What? All it takes is my email address and I get 10% off my next purchase? Why would I not do that? That’s the thought process for customers of the 63% of email marketers that tried the immediate incentive program and reported successes. This is an easy to implement perks program that draws in customers like nobody’s business, and you can do this both through your website and in-store (if in-store applies to you). Once the customer is checking out their purchase, let them know they can have access to a bonus or a coupon or something they would want if they’ll just give you their email address. Simple.

These four tips are easy to implement and yield quick rewards for your marketing efforts. It’s surprising that some marketers don’t even think to try these, but these techniques and their low maintenance costs pay back in full shortly after you start using them. Honestly, there’s no reason for you not to try them.

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