Creating a Welcome Email Series in 15 Minutes

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Welcome Email SeriesWhile your email list may be hundreds or thousands (or tens of thousands) of addresses long, modern day technology has made managing them all a breeze. The goal of any welcome email series is to not only keep each subscriber receiving emails, but also keep the emails relevant to them. That’s the key to solid lead nurturing, and workflow applications provided by most email service providers (ESPs) can help you create and plan a welcome email series in a matter of minutes.

Welcome Email Series It is a Matter of Workflow

ESPs will sometimes have a workflow option that will let you draft and schedule a logic-based network of cause and effect email releases. Simply put, depending on factors like how soon after reception the email is opened or if the email is deleted, the program will set in motion an automatic email sending system that you yourself designed. You will have hundreds, if not thousands of emails on your email list and you need to reach all of them, so it just doesn’t make sense to have one person sending the emails out on their own. A workflow sends out these emails to your email list and tracks which recipient needs to get what emails.

Emails are Unique, like Snowflakes

However, before you get down to setting up your welcome email series workflow you need to decide what each email is going to contain. Each email has to have something about it that’ll make it welcome to the names on your email list, otherwise you’re just spamming your readers. Instead, plan something unique for each, but also keep in mind how the emails will connect to one another. The email about your best-selling product can connect to a coupon email for accessories that go with it, followed by a newsletter about a competition that will give some of these accessories away to the person who submits the best photo of them using the product from the first email. It’s the good kind of “chain” email that’ll accommodate lead nurturing, and once you lay the plan out you can start filling out your workflow.


The follow-up is about making sure you’re maintaining a positive customer-subscriber-unsubscribe-rate ratio. The goal of any welcome series is to convert those signed up on your email list into customers, but some will also be driven away. Don’t be disheartened, because you can’t reach everyone. Just focus on having more sign-up than leave. You can track this through the workflow provided by your ESP, which is why it is so important to choose one that makes these options available to you. Afterwards, report your results to your team so you can brainstorm the next step.

Though these tips are relatively easy to follow, it all depends on whether or not your ESP can provide you with the tools you need to see this through. If your ESP doesn’t have a workflow application for you to use, it may be time to look for a new ESP.

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