Fire Up the Email Lists! Tips to Get the Old List Working

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Email Lists - Get The Working For YouEmail MarketingHave you forgot to send out an email to your email lists lately? Sometimes things just slip through the cracks – it’s inevitable. If the slip-up happens to be forgetting to send emails to all of the contacts from your mailing list between J and Q, it doesn’t mean that they’re gone forever. There are ways to get back in their good graces, even if you haven’t been in contact for years, and below are some tips to help you get it done.

Email List –  It’s Never Too Late for “How Have You Been?”

It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you’ve last emailed one of your contacts or your entire email lists, the first step to reestablishing a connection is actually making contact. So maybe you haven’t been in contact for months or even years; you’ll never know if they’re still interested in what your company has to offer if you don’t start sending emails again. And make sure to let them know that you know that it’s been a long time, but don’t grovel – not talking for a few months isn’t the worst thing you could do to someone.

Get a Series Going

A series of emails with some kind of shared theme tying those together works wonders to get your contact list nice and reacquainted with you. Make the email series and then title them as “Series Name Email #3” or something like that, but make sure that people know that there were emails before it and emails that will be coming after it. By numbering your series emails, you may even get people looking through their inboxes to find parts 1 and 2. It’s a great hook, and it seems like a 5-part series is the best way to get the attention back without overstepping your welcome.

Remind People Who You Are

If it’s only been a couple weeks then you don’t have to worry about this, but if you haven’t emailed someone since the first episode of Breaking Bad aired, chances are memory of your company has been replaced by more current issues, like Walt’s grimace. If you start emailing contacts out of the blue, you might get a spike in unsubscribes due to the fact that people forgot about you. You’ll have unsubscribes no matter what, but if you want to lessen that number you should add a message to the top of your first few emails that explains not only who you are but why they are receiving emails from you (such as when they subscribed, maybe even what they came to you for). These messages only need to stick around for the first two or three messages and can disappear altogether once people have remembered who you are.

Cold email lists are not dead lists – it just needs a little TLC. You haven’t showed it enough attention lately and you need to acknowledge that if you want the healing process to begin, but once you do you can get right back to work rebuilding their trust in you. Series emails are a great start especially when they’re about something the contact wanted from you in the first place. The first few emails are there to put your name back on the map, and once that’s done the transition will be complete and you can go back to business as usual.

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