Professional Services Marketing – What You Must Do For Success

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Professional services marketing needs to be recognized for what it is: the new normal. If you are still thinking that social networking and an online presence are fads you’re a decade behind everyone else. Advertisement is all about getting your name out to as many people as possible through the most popular medium of the time, and while in that past that used to be radio, television, billboards, and newspapers, today it is whatever apps are on a Smartphone.

Many people are connected to their smartphones 24/7, be they at work or at home, and that can give you a level of exposure unprecedented by the old methodologies of advertising. But of course if you want to achieve this you have to do it right, so we’ve listed a few tips for you to use to get professional services marketing started off right.

Professional Services Marketing – Free Advertising (Sort of)

Through social media, you can advertise any and all parts of your company for far cheaper than you’d have to pay for traditional advertisements. You can even do it yourself, if you have the time, and it doesn’t take much know how to start using the tools to generate traffic flow to your site. Get familiar with sites like Twitter and Pinterest, because those will be your bread and butter from now on.

Maintain your Twitter

You want to strike a balance between daily tweets and weekly tweets to both get a message out to your audience and reinforce the idea over time. Through Twitter, you can advertise your blogs and website pages through notifications on your audience members’ phones, and if the content is compelling it can be retweeted by your followers across the entire Twittersphere. That’s free PR, right there.

Create Your Own Network

If you’re not a member of the major social networking sites, you need to get accounts up and running as soon as possible. LinkedIn is the big one and will serve as the nexus of your professional network structure, but that isn’t the only one. There are many ways to get involved with and leave a mark in the corner of the internet designated for your industry, and by doing so you build your own online presence and reputation as an expert in your respective field.

Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogs shouldn’t be treated like your website but rather as an entity of their own. If you are pushing URLs from your website onto Twitter, make sure that for every link to a page on your website you have a link to one of your blogs, too. According to collected data, blog content gets you more media mentions than website or any content sent through emails, so you want to put a lot of effort into making yourself a quality blog.

There are a lot of ways to get your presence out there thanks to the ease of access the internet provides. Getting used to these tools isn’t too hard to do, but it is something you need to start using regardless. Advertising uses the most popular mediums out there to get the word to as many people as possible, and today that’s social media so make sure to get real familiar with it to maximize your exposure.

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