Running a Great Social Media Campaign

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Social Media CampaignSocial Media Campaign – Do It Well

Social media has become a powerful tool and a real friend of the underdog. A decade ago, the advantages presented by social media were only available to the deep pockets, but now even little old mom and pop can use it to increase not only the presence of their business, but also the efficiency of their online resources by creating them based off user data. Running a great social media campaign does have few steps to do it well.

Take Apps to the Next Level

And that next level is… don’t use an app. Well, don’t entirely nix the idea, especially if you’re a lifestyle company and provide a service similar in function to GPS or finding restaurants and the like. But, if you’re just looking to use social media to market your company and don’t actually provide a service through an app, then consider not even wasting time with it. Instead, invest that time in making a mobile website that’ll give users all the accessibility of an app with all of the function of a desktop. This option also makes updates easy and seamless and users won’t have to be bombarded with update notifications, which any smartphone user will thank you for.

Be more than clickable

It’s the easiest thing in the world to like something, and getting a few likes on Facebook does lead to more and more likes, especially if you’re a common name around the household. But what if you’re just getting your foot in the door and no one knows who you are yet? Well, just because Sarah Anygirl liked Company X doesn’t mean her friend Chad Noisewater will like it too. He has no idea what Company X is, and why should he care? The goal of a marketing campaign is to make someone want to use a service or buy a product, especially when they don’t actually need it. That leads to credibility as well as success, so try and get your users to do more than like your site. Run competitions that get them involved with your company and their passions, and once people get involved then they’ll have a reason to talk about why they liked your page in the first place.

Social Espionage

Well not really, more like back alley analytics. Get some of the more technical people on board to find the right programs for running and crunching usage numbers and patterns for your access points. These are integral to running a successful social media campaign because it gives you the information you need to tailor your brand to the usage routines of the majority of your followers. By finding technology that tracks user-mouse patterns on your sites and compiles lists of the most talked about parts of your company, you can change your image into exactly what people want, and that means changing for success.

Social media is more than a tool for sharing. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll see that the advantage social media statistics give you can catapult your business to success. And for those who do not know how to create successful social media campaigns, consider taking the time to learn how. Your business will be better for it!

What have been your recent social media campaigns recently? How did it go? Let us know…

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