Project Management 4 Solutions Reviewed

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What do you use for your project management?

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Here at Damang for the past little while we have managed our projects, I suspect like a lot of companies do, a Spreadsheet, maybe a shared calendar or two and some emails back and forth, sound familiar? We decided that we had to find something better for our project management requirements.

We knew right off that we have to live what we believe and playing in the clouds is what we love. So we wanted a project management solution that was cloud based, could manage multiple users, and would allow clients access to stay up to date with the progress of their projects.

We had few options recommended,  however we wanted to look at 4 and also do a review for our readers. The four in the review, Basecamp, Zoho Project, Huddle, and Manymoon. I know there are other options available but for time and ease of evaluation we needed to pick four. (If you have a suggestion of other options please leave a comment.)

Here is our review with our choice for Damang Media at the bottom. Our review was looking at the following Project Management features: Communication with team members & clients, Share Files, Storage size, Task Management & Time Tracking, Project Templates, and integration with Google Apps.

Basecamp Project Management1.  Basecamp

At the get go we really liked the look of Basecamp. We had heard from a few friends that they had used Basecamp and loved it. We setup a free account and liked the quick and easy way to set up the workspace with our logo and colour scheme. However, it fell short with integration into Google Apps. You needed a third-party application to make this happen. Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Huddle.net2.  Huddle

Huddle has a nice product and great follow-up. Catherine from Huddle was great. We had a great conversation on the phone and she gave me a really good overview of the huddle offering. It had good collaboration tools and file sharing. It fell short in its integration with Google Apps, none at this time as far as we could find. Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Zoho Projects3.  Zoho Project

This was one product we wanted to give a good look trough because our clients use it and we offer setup and training with another one of Zoho’s products Zoho CRM. The interface was not as friendly as some of the other offerings. Once we got used to it we were able to setup projects quickly and save those projects as template for future use. It had time tracking capability and Zoho offers a number of other apps that integrate well. It also was seamless with our Google Apps account. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Manymoon4  Manymoon

Very tightly integrated with Google Apps. Nice interface as played very well with Google Apps. It fell short in the area of project management and felt a bit more like a contact manager than a project management tool. I know the features are there it just seemed to take a little longer to get a project setup and working in the system. Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

And The Winner Is

We decided to go with the Zoho Project, its tight integration with Google Apps was the tipping point for us. It has a great feature set for the price, and once we got used to the interface we were able to get up and running with a project in a short time.

“See the Updated Post on Project Management Reviews”

What do you use for project management? Share you options with our readers, leave a comment with your option to add to the list.


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