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Note Taking Wherever You Are

Evernote Note TakingHow many of you use a note taking software program of some sort? I have tinkered with these a number of times in the past however found that at the time pen and paper worked best. I still carry a small notebook to quickly write down any ideas, numbers etc.  The platform I am using is Evernote note taking is now a cloud based note taking system with a software application you can download and install on your computer as well.

I signed up for Evernote some time ago and never really adopted the program into my workflow. However, after a mad search for a note I wrote on a piece of paper, I knew it was time to give it a second chance.

So what are the features, first off they offer you a free account that is a great start to get you used to the service and the free version has all the features as the paid for subscription just less storage. Evernote offers you the ability to take photos, audio notes, and of course text notes. It installs on your iPhone, Blackberry, and Android device which is great because it also integrates with the camera on your mobile phone and this is one my favorite features.

Easy to use and great integration with Blackberry, iPhone, or Android smartphones, Evernote let’s me take notes on post ideas, recipes, photos of books I would like to read etc. Evernote’s easy to use interfaces allowed me to get up and running quickly and actually use the application into my day-to-day workflow.

For those of you that take the plunge and get signed up here is a great site, Ron’s Evernote Tips,  for some tips on getting you up to speed.

What do you use for note taking? Share your tools with our readers.

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