Marketing Rinse and Repeat

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Marketing Rinse & Repeat

Over the past week or so we have laid out a process, benefits of marketing, the marketing process, the setting up the sales funnel, nurturing demand, search engine optimization marketing, social media marketing now it is time to rinse and repeat the steps.

Some aspects of business never change. For example, once you have a proven logo, you tend to stick with it for years, building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Marketing, though, is hardly a static endeavor. It’s dynamic, constantly adapting and adjusting to changes in the market, trends and client needs. A true marketing revolution in your company takes commitment to a process, not one set plan or one set strategy.

Why Adjust Your Marketing?

The old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” works for many parts of your business. Certain vendors, certain events and certain partnerships may serve your business well in perpetuity with little to no change.

But not marketing. By definition, marketing is a process so it’s constantly moving. As an example, consider the role social media plays in marketing today.

It was just six years ago in 2007 that Twitter debuted at the annual South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas. Six years ago, most email signatures did not include links to several social media channels. Six years ago, Pinterest didn’t even exist.

How to Adjust

Knowing you have to adjust your marketing plan and strategy to keep up with current trends also entails knowing how to adjust. You can’t simply create a Facebook page and call it good.

Adjusting a marketing plan calls for continuous research and analysis of marketing efforts like:

  • A/B testing of landing pages, also known as Conversion Rate Optimization;
  • Analyses of email lead nurturing campaigns;
  • And a host of information available through tools like Google Analytics and social media monitoring tools.

This information yields data on which of your strategies work and which don’t. Through this information, you can make adjustments to your plan. For example, A/B testing of landing pages will reveal what calls to action your clients respond to over others and could lead to more clients moving to the next stage in your sales funnel.

Now is the Time

Today’s business landscape is vastly different than it was even a decade ago. And the market will continue to change at a rapid pace. Already, we see signs of how companies should take more advantage of the move to mobile devices.

These changes affect all businesses not just companies that cater to younger audiences, the tech savvy or other niche industries. Now is the time to review your approach to marketing and bring it in line with how business is done today.

After all, while some things stay the same, marketing will always change in an effort to help your business grow and succeed.

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