Landing Pages – 8 Tips to Success

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Landing PagesLanding pages are something that has been talked about extensively lately as companies shift from the mentality of outbound marketing to inbound marketing. The question that comes up many times is, what is the real goal of a landing page?

If you are moving to a true idea on inbound marketing then the real goal of a landing page is to serve your visitor by making it clear and easy to get the information they want. So here are some tips on how to make your landing pages improve your lead generation and also make it easy for you visitors to get the information that they are looking for.

Building your Landing Pages

1. Clear Descriptive Title

Make sure your title is clear and descriptive, insure that your visitor knows what they are signing up for. A clear title is the first thing that they will read so it should be catchy and informative.

2. Description

The description is the second step in providing value. Make sure your copy is clear and highlights the value your visitor will be getting. Make sure you have a strong incentive for the visitors to fill in the form and get the information you are offering.

3.Remove the Distractions

A landing page is completely different from the other pages on your website. It has one unified goal, that is to provide value to your visitor and to create a lead for your business. Things to be removed are the distractions like main navigation, too much information in the sidebars or footer. Keep in clean and easy for the visitor.

4. Share the Love

Make sure that you have the ability for the visitor to share the information. If you have a good title and descriptive text then you may not have that visitor fill in the form. However, with that information you give them the power to share it with someone they know might be interested. Social media sharing links are a must have on your landing page.

5. Good Form Design

Make sure your landing pages have a form for the visitor to fill out that is simple. Only request the information that you need. Also, make sure you build your form from the user’s point of view. Where are they in the buying cycle of your sales process, what information do you need to follow-up with that person.

6. Say Thank You

Make sure you back your landing pages with a Thank You page, a place where they can download the material that they signed up for. A place where you can inform them the next steps and what they can expect now that they have contacted you. A good thank-you page is the start of  the relationship building process. Make sure it is clear and tells the visitor what is next.

7. Follow Up

Take the time to follow-up with the visitor once they have completed the form. Now it is your opportunity to really shine the value that you offer now that they have joined your community. Don’t call and try to sell them, learn and cultivate a relationship with them.

8. Track Your Success

Make sure that you are always looking at the success you are having and continue to see how you can improve your landing pages. Analyze, optimize, and repeat!


Those are some basics to get you going, follow these simple steps to build your landing pages successfully. Always ask yourself what the goal is and how easy is it for the visitor to decide if the information is valid to them. This saves you and them a lot of time.

So get started now and build those landing pages, and make sure to always test and try new things!

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