Did You Forget Your Thank You Page?

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Thank You PageTo bring in some more information related to our post yesterday about how the goal of landing pages should be to provide value to your visitors. I thought I would bring in another piece of the success of your landing pages. The often forgotten “Thank You Page”.

The Thank You page is something that is almost as important as the landing page itself. This is where the relationship builds and your opportunity to prove that you really want to provide value to your visitor and not just sell them.

The Thank You Page is where you get the chance to delivery on your promise. Provide the information that the visitor has requested by filling out the form on the landing pages.

Some Tips for Your Thank You Page Design

[dropcap]1.[/dropcap] Reintroduce Navigation

Now that the visitor has converted from the landing page make sure to provide you main-navigation to them so that they can continue to browse your site should they want to learn more.

[dropcap]2.[/dropcap]Provide the Content of the Offer

Make sure your visitor can get the content or information they requested without have to do anything else. You should also send the content by email as a courtesy but do not make them have to go to the email to get it. If it is an ebook, report, white-paper etc. make sure the download or access link is on the Thank you page.

[dropcap]3.[/dropcap] Follow Up Offer

If the landing page was an offer that was closer to the top of your sales cycle you may want to include a follow-up offer on the thank you page to move the visitor through your sales funnel. This helps you provide my value to your visitor and helps you qualify the lead by repeated conversions. Only include something if it is relevant and of value to the original offer the visitor requested.

[dropcap]4.[/dropcap] Clear Information

Be sure that your visitor has a clear path to get the information requested, buttons, images, and bold text are good to show where the visitor should go to access the information requested.


So remember if you were talking with someone and they did something for you would you not say “thank you”? I am sure you would, and that is why we need the Thank You Page for you inbound marketing efforts as well. Continue to build the relationship you started with your Landing Pages by remembering to say Thank You!

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