The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lead Nurturing

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Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Lead Nurturing

Now that you’ve got your hands on a few leads, what’s the next step? . Keeping them around, that’s what. Your leads have assumed that you’ve got something to offer so show them that you’re offering what they expected from you. Keep them interested in more than just your company and you’ll have loyal clients for years to come, and if you’re unsure about the process and perks then read on to find out a bit more. Here is the ultimate cheat sheet on lead nurturing

All You Need to Know About Lead Nurturing

If You’re Fishing for Salmon, Don’t Go Out to Sea

You’re a specific company with a precise niche and you’re targeting a particular demographic explicitly. With so many specifics involved, why would you not make sure to be casting your nets specifically where you’ll get the best results? That’s just wasted money. Taking the time to build buyer profiles and actually get to know what your target client is looking for AND where they’re looking to find it is step one to optimizing your lead nurturing pursuits. Keeping the fishing metaphor going, if you’re selling fishing supplies don’t advertise in a cake baking magazine. This principle is obvious when the extremes are black and white, but that makes them all the more difficult to separate when they’re both in the gray. Print media or digital media? Magazine or newspaper? Facebook or Twitter, or both? These are the questions that you need answers to before getting out your tackle box and casting your line.

Lead Nurturing = Relationship Nurturing

Leads are people, and people like talking to one another. Especially if you’re in the service industry or a technical industry where a debate/information/opinion heavy back and forth can get going easily, you’ll want to facilitate any and all means of discussion. Talk to people, interact with them, follow up with people who interact with your content and see how their opinions are developing. Become someone people enjoy talking to, not just someone people like getting information from. Even after your business with them is done make sure to keep the conversation going. You still stay in touch with your parents even after college, don’t you?

Unleash Its Full Potential

Lead nurturing is a metric generating gold mine. You get to see exactly what sorts of methods work and which ones could use a little work, but ultimately the result is the same: by using the metrics you get from lead nurturing you can make your lead nurturing better and better and better and better. What was different about that email that was almost universally panned? Why did this tweet go viral? Are newsletters better in blog form or through emails? How much stock do viewers put in behind the scenes content. Every time you interact with a lead a new metric is generated, you just need to know how to look at it the right way.

The essence of lead nurturing is in the name: nurturing. You’re nurturing business options, you’re nurturing relationships, you’re nurturing your brand, and you’re nurturing your marketing campaign. Lead nurturing can spider-web across your whole business, so really investing in lead nurturing is investing in success.

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