Insightly CRM – Review of CRM for Small Business

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Insightly CRMAs a small to medium sized business, your reputation is your greatest asset. By nurturing your reputation, you build a loyal customer base that you can count on to not only bring their business to you but to recommend their associates to you as well. Just make sure you don’t drop the ball, because reputation works both ways. A bad reputation can be the end of you, so you don’t want something as easy to manage as customer relations to bring you down. Luckily, CRM services exist to help you organize your customer relations, and one of the best ones on the market today is Insightly CRM; here’s why.

Insightly CRM – The Good

Aside from the low, low subscription cost that makes it readily available to medium and small size businesses alike, Insightly CRM has a simple interface that is packed with tons of useful tools. CRM stands from Company Relationship Management, so the last thing you want is a system that complicates the process. The service you’re choosing should make things as simple as possible, and the bountiful of helpful resources from Insightly CRM make even the confusing points easy to maneuver through.

But even better than that is the integration of both collaboration and project management with the CRM tools. This gives you more options and a more fluid workflow across all three elements than you’d be able to find in other CRM services. On top of that, Insightly CRM has a great app, too, but more on that in a few paragraphs.

The Bad

For the subscription cost it’s charging, not much can be said in this section. The most common complaints from users have been that the program has slow performance sometimes and that the email integration feature is lacking a few user controls. Granted, if you’re a big business company, Insightly CRM might not have all the features you’d need, but for medium size and small size businesses, this product is more than enough.

The App

This is neither good nor bad, because it’s great. It’s a free download from the app store and is currently the number one CRM service app download in the Google Play store. Through the app, you get access to Insightly CRM through Google Universal information and can do all the tasks you can get done from a desktop. This includes assigning tasks, tracking leads and proposals, and a full list of customer interaction, to name a few.

The mobile aspect allows you to supervise and coordinate your clients from your phone, and the integration of cloud systems and Gmail makes accessing all of your accounts as simple as logging in with your Gmail account. For small to medium sized businesses, this app is a must.

It’s easy to use, it’s cheap, and it’s powerful. While there have been complaints from users about occasionally sluggish performance, it is a reliable service that can give your small to medium sized company a glimpse at the organizational benefits enjoyed by large businesses using much more costly tools. If you’re having trouble keeping everything together, Insightly CRM is here to save you.

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