5 Must Have Apps for Business

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Apps For Business - 5 Must Have ListApps for Business – Our 5 Must Have List

Now with the power of mobile computing we have some many options to connect to our work. We can use the computer, smart-phone, tablet to access our documents, email, voice information and services for our business. How do we mange this without having to learn and access multiple apps for business?

Here is a list of 5 must have apps for business. The requirement for this list is that each app is available for all devices. So you can get a tool set of apps for business that you can use and access from any platform. I developed this list based on testing using a Win7 & Mac OSX laptops, Apple iPad, and Samsung Android powered smart-phone. To qualify for this list I had to be able to use the app on all the listed platforms.

Google Apps Offline1. Google Apps for Business

Learn about Google Apps for Business
This is our core platform, we use it for email, document creation, calendaring, and collaboration. Because this is the hub for everything we do it had to work across all the platforms we use. I will admit it, does work better on the Android then the iOS however it works.

WebEx Number 2 of the 5 Must Have Apps for Business2. WebEx

Online meetings are a way we get things done. They are more efficient, and because we work in multiple locations it helps us stay connected with clients, and team members. This meeting platform has an android, iOS and PC/Mac based application.

Evernote3. Evernote

www.evernote.com (referral link)
This is a great tool, it works on the Web, App for computer, and apps for both Android & iOS. You can take quick notes, pictures, audio notes and reminders. This is a powerful note taking tool that also helps you keep them organized as well.

Ringcentral App 4 of the 5 Must Have Apps4. RingCentral

www.ringcentral.com (referral link)
This is our voice hub, it allows us to have a great business phone system that is both virtual and on-site. We have multiple numbers, extensions, and a dedicated fax line. With this app we can ring-out from any of our devices with out the long distance charges and if on WiFi we can use VOIP. We set extensions to forward to specific numbers like mobile, google voice, or a landline that we may be working at. Very powerful communication tool.

Hootsuite5. Hootsuite

www.hootsuite.com (affiliate link)
If you want to stay connected with your community in all the channels available to you then here is a great tool. It allows you to monitor social networks, post, engage and more. This application allows you to manage Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Facebook pages. Hootsuite allows you to stay connected with our clients, community from wherever we happen to be working.

This is our list of 5 Must have Apps for business. We use these apps everyday on all the different platforms. They are the core of our day-day operations a toolbox then we learn to use well and use often.

What apps do you use? Share with us your list in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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