How to secure laptop while travelling

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How to secure laptop while travelling -10 Tips

How to Secure Laptop
How to secure laptop while travelling is a big question for many, we have a client and this is the question he posted to me today. It was something that I realized I take for granted, and some users may not know some best practices for travelling with a laptop, tablet, or other device with important information on it. Something I know because I work remotely often.

Here is the question

As you know I am off to Africa in 3 weeks with my laptop with hopes of being able to conduct business from where I can get internet connectivity. I am wondering that if my laptop gets stolen, which is a very real possibility,  how can I prevent the culprits from accessing my files, Gmail, Drop Box , etc. There are some computer savvy guys there who could crack into the computer over time I believe and really mess up my business.  Have you any suggestions on how to secure laptop? Mike Donovan – Liondog African Safaris

We have helped them setup their business so that they could travel and continue to work. This helps in securing data, email, contacts etc. by adopting a cloud hosting strategy and Google Apps for Business. So in the event his laptop is stolen we do not have to be concerned about the data being lost. Now how to secure laptop if it does get stolen.

1.  Avoid using computer bags

What do people put in computer bags? Yes, that is right if you avoid the use of a computer bag your laptop will not be such a big target. A backpack is a great option, and I personally use a messenger bag.

2. Strong passwords

The sticky note on the screen is not a great place to store your password.

You can no longer get away with a password of your name, birth date or something like that. If you want to know how to secure laptop, a strong password is a must do first step in securing your laptop.

Some great tools like Keypass or Lastpass have a built-in password generator to help create a strong password.

3. Encrypt your data

So they got past your password, now what’s next? You can use tools to encrypt folders on your computer so if the culprits do get in, they still have to break the encryption. At this point the data is not worth the time for most criminals.

Here are some links to encrypt a folder on your computer a great advice on how to secure laptop:



4. Use a screen guard

This will help from people looking at your computer while you are working.

5. Carry your laptop with you

This is not always the easiest, however if you are using a backpack or messenger bag like I use it is easy to include it with you. Sometimes bulky but worth the weight I think, added benefit is if you feel like working when you are out and about then you are set.

6. Keep your laptop in sight

Need anymore on this? I hope not…

7. Avoid setting your laptop on the floor

Again pretty obvious right? Well, I have been in the airport many times and watch people get up put there laptop on the floor and go to the bathroom. So please refer to number 6!

8. Get a security device or program

If you are working in a coffee shop or something like that it is a good idea to get a security cable. The at lease you can get up to have a pee without dragging your laptop along for th trip.

Some software that will help protect your laptop as well is a good idea, LoJack for Laptops or something like that are good solutions.

9. Do not to leave your laptop in your hotel room

This is where most of them get stolen from, now the exception to this is if the hotel has a laptop safe in the room.

10. Put your name and contact info on your laptop

Put a sticker with your contact info on your laptop and I would also include a promise of reward if it is returned. Might help might not, but worth the effort.

So there are some tips for how to secure laptop while travelling. Do you have any to add for our client?

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