Employee Learning – 10 Signs You Should Invest in Learning

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Employee Learning - 10 Signs You Should InvestThe success of a modern business relies on the employee proficiency with technology and up-to-date skill sets, and those change fast. The way you conducted business two years ago is too slow today, and you need to invest in employee learning to keep with the changing tides. But if you’re not convinced, then read ahead for our 10 road signs that let you know you should start investing in learning.

1. Your Employees are Either Veterans of the Industry or Fresh in the Game

If most of your employees can be split into one of these two camps, then you’ve either got employees that are too new to have all the necessary skills or too comfortable in their ways to learn newer and more efficient work strategies and skills.

2. You’re Hiring but Don’t Need the Manpower

If you’ve got a full crew, but still need extra manpower, it means you’re not using each employee to their full potential. Doubling up employee skills through training and education saves you time and money when compared to hiring new talent.

3. Phrases like “SEO” and “Content Marketing” Don’t Ring a Bell

Blogging is a great way to draw in clients and advertise your expertise for free. Of course, to do it properly you need employees who know how to do it. If no one around the office is familiar with these terms, it’s time for a seminar.

4. You Need New Skills but are on a Tight Budget

New employees are expensive, much more expensive than holding a few training sessions for your employees. Training can save you an incredible amount of money in the long run if you opt for it instead of hiring.

5. You Rely Too Much on Consultants

Do you find yourself calling out for solutions much more than you’re getting them from the people in your office? Then consider training your employees to solve these problems for you. Plus, you don’t have to pay them extra to do it…

6. Your Employees are Leaving for more Challenging Jobs

If you have a high turnover rate, chances are you’re not providing enough of a challenge for your employees. For younger employees especially, offer them training to give them more responsibility right off the bat. That will keep them around longer. In fact, many employees cite leaving their jobs as being a direct result of their workplace not offering any room for professional growth.

7. You Don’t Offer Any Training

If you don’t offer a lick of training then you need to start right away. Yes, hiring a new employee with great credentials usually guarantees a benefit to your company. But they don’t know the ins and outs of your business as soon as they walk in through the door. Even basic skill development can speed up productivity in a big way.

8. You Have Multiple Teams Doing the Job of One Team

If you find yourself regularly distributing work that could be done by a single person with a specific skill set to whole teams, then you should teach those teams those skill sets.

9. You Aren’t as Efficient as Your Competitor

As a business, you no doubt have an eye on the competition. If you see competitors using methods and skills that increase productivity and cut down work time significantly, consider implementing those skills into your workforce.

10. You’re Turning Away Clients Because Your Employees Don’t Have Certifications

Professional development comes with merits to your company in the form of productivity and as plaques and certificates on your walls. The more certificates you and your employees have the better, and the more qualified they are the work the better clients will feel about doing business with you.

Free skills training is a huge incentive for employees to stick around, especially if it works them towards progressing within the company. Likewise, their increased proficiency means more productivity and less man hours spent on single jobs, both making and saving you money at the same time. Despite what you may think, training your employees is actually a win-win.

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