B2B Demand by Blogging

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B2B Demand with your blogA good company website is a necessity when trying to create B2B demand, but it isn’t the best thing you can have. True, you need to have all of your company information available and easily accessible in one place, but the information on your company website is usually just the tip of the iceberg. B2B buyers want to know much more about a company than its history and list of services, and when they want to learn more they turn to your company blog. That is what makes your blog into a powerful tool for generating B2B demand.

B2B Demand: The Never-ending Blog

Unlike your website, which is finite in its pages and indexes, your blog is as big as you need it to be. A company website is for the most part static and unchanging, providing important information about your company; however, this is all important information that will rarely (if ever) change. Your blog, on the other hand, is always being updated, always timely, and always presenting new information. This adaptive factor is why B2B buyers have bookmarked folders of blog posts with a couple company website bookmarks peppered in between. The blogs are where the real information is.

Your blog reflects your company’s views on its industry on a much more “personal” level than an ‘About Us’ section does on your website. Aside from having much more information, the way your posts evolve as your company grows can tell B2B buyers what direction you are developing into as a voice within the industry. Your blog says miles more about your potential to B2B buyers than your company website does.

Your Butterfly Net

If growing B2B demand is fishing then your blog is your net. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: buyers look to your blog a lot more than they do your company website because it says a lot more about your company than a static website can. But that’s not all your blog is good for.

Yes, a blog is dynamic and is constantly updating, but if the blogs don’t get out and spread to other parts of the web then they’re being just as static as your company website. A blog is where B2B demand starts, and where a customers do a large bulk of their research about your company, but that same blog can also be used to advertise yourself to those who aren’t looking at you yet and generate demand.

A website can be advertised through social networks, but that’s not the same as sharing it. Blogs can be shared, and sharing spreads to people who may have never heard of you before. By creating quality blog content with industry related information, you attract the attention of B2B buyers and are essentially advertising yourself without the stigma of self-advertising, and that generates B2B demand.

The versatility of a blog lends a certain personality to it that creates B2B demand and adds a nice shine to your reputation. If you’re making quality, sharable content then you’re not only building your personal brand, but advertising your ability to other members of the industry, and that’s a powerful force.

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