Cloud Computing is Tip 1 of our 13 for 2013

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Business Tip One: Invest in Cloud Computing

Reduce Your IT overhead (Tip One in our Series of 13 Business Tips for 2013)

Cloud ComputingTip one for our 13 business tips is invest in cloud computing. Most businesses carry too much in their IT infrastructure and is why we feel business tip one should cover this aspect of your business. For most businesses they can cut IT costs by 30 to 40% without losing any productivity. Investing in cloud computing is a smart business tip allowing your business to be more dynamic and scalable.

This doesn’t mean a reduction in staff, if anything the opposite, it means investing in cloud computing to work smarter. By embracing cloud computing as a business tip, you can cut your IT budget, freeing up your capital for business growth

If you follow this business tip start small, and migrate technology a little at a time. You can move to a cloud storage solution, or migrate your on-premise messaging platform to a cloud computing solution like Google Apps for business.

The benefits of cloud computing business is that it allows your IT department to allocate money for specific usage. You only pay for the service you need and you can add or subtract from those services dynamically. Cloud computing will allow business to scale up during busy peak times and scale down during slow times. All this is accomplished with no impact to your overall IT infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Options To Get You Started

Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for Business is a comprehensive suite of cloud computing applications that will offer business improved communication and collaboration at a lower cost than your current onsite solution.

Amazon Services

Amazon offers a full line of cloud computing applications and tools. Everything from cloud storage (S3) to full cloud based virtual servers. You can run websites, applications, databases and more.


Cloud computing storage solution that is great for the small to medium business and easy to deploy. If you are thinking of putting your toe in the water, SugarSync for Business is a great place to start. Cloud computing storage is great place to store files and easily share those files and access the files from multiple devices and remote locations. We also did a full review cloud computing storage solutions Dropbox, SugarSync, GoogleDrive, and here »


If you use a project management software solution now, a cloud computing based application like GroupCamp is the way to go. Everything is accessible from any device or location.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is another area that businesses can move to cloud computing. With one of cloud computing biggest names as a leader in the move to cloud computing, migration to a cloud based CRM is a great start in cloud computing.

That is business tip one: Invest in cloud computing, subscribe to the blog to get the other 12 business tips for our series of 13 tips for business for 2013.

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