Dropbox vs Google Drive vs SugarSync vs Box.net

Now with Google Drive finally being launched I thought it time to update the review of these top cloud storage solutions.

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Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Box.net vs  SugarSync Online Cloud Storage Head to Head

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Box.net vs SugarSync cloud storage that are easy to set up and offer sharing options. With a recent post on Dropbox, Box.net and SugarSync, there has been lots of discussion around the different solutions offered. Now with Google Drive finally being launched I thought it time to update the review of these top cloud storage solutions.

Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Box.net vs SugarSyncDropbox

Paid Price: from $9.99/month for 100 GB
Free Plan: 2GB
www.dropbox.com (Referral Link)

Not much has changed with Dropbox since our last review. Dropbox vs Google Drive, and which one is best comes up a lot, if you are only deciding between just those two service the Google Drive is the winner. However, if you are looking for other features then read on!

Business User: 3/5 Climbed a bit with the addition of the Team plan.

Personal User: 4/5 No Change.

Google DriveGoogle Drive

Paid Price: from $2.49/month for 25 GB
Free Plan: 5GB
Google Apps for Business

Google Drive, the new storage solution in this review. It has an integrated viewer for numerous file types and most users already have this service, just install the Google Drive application to start syncing files from your computer to the cloud. The new Google Drive application works like most of the sync tools, it will allow you to create a folder on your computer that if you save any files to it will automatically upload them to your Google Drive cloud storage. The only drawback, like Dropbox vs Google Drive you can not select different folders outside of the Google Drive folder to sync.

Business User: 5/5 The release of Google Cloud Connect for office, and now Google Drive, this offering is a solid business solution.

Personal User: 5/5 With it already built-in for most users, and storage space from $2.49/month Google Drive is a standout for personal use.

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Price: from $9.99/month for 25 GB
Free Plan: 5GB

Box.net is a powerful file management and sharing tool. It lends itself more to the business user because of the in-depth collaboration tools. Some nice features are integrated web-viewer for most doc types and full integration with Google Docs.

The free plan does not have a sync tool so if you want that feature you will have to go at least the Business Plan that is $15.00/Month/User.

Business User: 5/5 No Change.

Personal User: 3/5 No Change.


Price: from $4.99/month 30 GB
Free Plan: 5GB
www.sugarsync.comSugarSync (Referral Link – Sign here and get 500mb Extra space)

SugarSync really shines with its Sync tool that you install on your computer, unlike Dropbox vs Google Drive you can sync any folder on your computer or mobile device to your SugarSync Cloud storage space.

Business User: 4/5 With the addition of SugarSync for BusinessDropbox vs Google Drive vs SugarSync vs Box.net 1 plan, SugarSync has become a solid competitor for the business user. If you do not need an online file creation tool like Google Docs or Box.net SugarSync would be a great choice for your business cloud storage needs.

Personal User: 5/5 Having used SugarSync for a few months now I feel this is also a great tool for the personal user. The best offering of SugarSync is low-cost, but the Sync Tool is where it shines..

Stand out winner between Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Box.net vs SugarSync, well that depends on the type of user you are and what you need. For use we use a combination of SugarSync and Google Drive, the main reason for this is that most of the document we create are in the Google Docs format so Google Drive is a great fit. For all our other project files we use SugarSync to have everything available in the cloud and on all our other devices.

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