The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Building Your Email List

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Building Your Email List

5 Tips for Building Your Email List

The greatest lie you can tell yourself is that you don’t have a way for building your email list. The fact is that any time you come in contact with a potential customer is a chance for you to get their email address from them, and if you think like that then you’ll start seeing a whole new world of possibilities. Here are five ways to look at email acquisition to help get your noodle going.

1. Nudge Them onto Your Email List from Your Site

If you’ve got visitors coming to your site already (be it through your landing page or otherwise) use this opportunity to get their emails and a great tactic for building your email list. While they are visiting your website, you have plenty of opportunities to politely get them to register with your website, and if that doesn’t work then make an email necessary for registration. However, keep in mind that visitors won’t want to register any information if all they’re getting in return is a spot on your email list. Linkup registration with some sort of incentive to get users filling out forms more often.

2. Use Service Calls

When customers (or potential customers) call your customer service center requesting information, see if you can get them to give you their email addresses. If they’re opening an account, you can ask them for an email as part of the application process. If they are only looking for information, ask them if they would like to register their emails to receive answers to similar questions (as well as offers and promotions) directly to their inbox. But if you can avoid it, consider using words other than “submit” and “register”.

3. Incentive, Incentive, Incentive!

Just speaking logically, people are a lot more likely to register their email addresses with you if you include some sort of incentive with the registration. If you just say “Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter”, no one is going to sign up. No one wants a monthly newsletter from a site they’re seeing for the first time. Instead, make sure to emphasize that your newsletter comes with access to exclusive content and that initial registration comes with 10% off a first purchase. That way, they’re a lot more likely to help with building your email list rather than your competitor who doesn’t offer these perks.

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4. Face-to-Face

If you have a physical store space, see if you can’t visitors to write down their emails for you. The quickest way to do this back in the day was to ask if they wanted to submit their emails upon completing their purchases, but now there is an even more effective method. If you buy the proper equipment, you can now email receipts to your customers directly. By getting them to punch in their email, you not only save on paper and ink products, but you also get the added benefit of building your email list.

5. Make the Most of Your Website

Putting buttons and forms on your website isn’t just a tool – it’s an art. The biggest mistake companies make when placing links and forms on their websites is thinking that visitors want to go out of their way to find them. What you need to do is see what corners of your website are being explored the most and plant your resources there. There are several tools that can help you analyze the mouse and eye movements from visitors on your site, and by compiling that data you can figure out where people are hovering their mice the most, where their eyes are lingering, and how eye-catching your links and forms need to be based on the average scroll speed per page. These tools are indispensable.

What do you know about these five options? The one thing they all have in common (aside from building your email list) is that they all use different venues of communication to get you in touch with potential customers. What does this mean? It means that email acquisition can happen literally at any time you come in contact with a potential customer. Don’t just think outside the box, think everywhere.

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