Tools For Lead Generation – Top 5 Everyone Should Be Using

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Tools For Lead GenerationProper lead generation is the key to a successful marketing campaign, and a successful marketing campaign is directly responsible for the money you get in the company coffers. That’s why the lead generation business has seen such a huge boom lately—everyone is looking for more. A number of programs have sprung up around the internet because of this, but here are five that are sure to get you going in the right direction.

Top 5 Tools for Lead Generation


SpeakPipeThis is a useful little tool for lead generation that has a widget that you install right into your website and let visitors leave you voicemails directly from your company website. By placing this widget strategically around the site (such as on the “Contact Us” page or on your “Customer Service” page) you’ll make getting in contact with you easier and more personal, boosting your lead generation significantly.

SlideShare PRO


SlideShare, the popular presentation-making program, has a PRO version that makes it even more amazing. By upgrading to the PRO version, you can add forms onto your presentations and customize them for whatever you need. If you’re looking for phone numbers, then ask for phone numbers, or emails if that’s your cup of tea. But while this will put their email into a database for you, it won’t automatically merge with your email marketing platform—you’ll still need to get individual permissions.


Contact Monkey

Those of you using Gmail and Outlook are going to love this. By using ContactMonkey, you can see not only who your emails were opened by and when they were opened, but you can see how many times, too. This is a powerful tool for data collection, especially when you’re looking to optimize your lead generation strategies and email marketing techniques. If you don’t have it already, definitely give your marketing team a copy.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Get your contributors signed up for Google Authorship immediately. It’s a free tool you can find on Google+ that, once activated, puts the faces of your contributors next to their articles whenever they come up in search results. This will make your posts stand out more, and it has been proven that these links are clicked on by casual scanners far more often than pure-text links, truly one of the easiest tools for lead generation that you can activate right away.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO Plugin by YoastIf you want to know whether your WordPress pages are running as optimally SEO-centric as possible, get this tool. By putting your content up onto WordPress and then punching in your keywords, WordPress SEO will tell you what your content is lacking and will tell you exactly how to fix every part of it to make it shine. This includes metadata, the title, and the content itself among other things. It’s a great way to save money and time on training your contributors in SEO best practices.

There are a lot of tools for lead generation out there to help you out with your lead generation needs, but these five are cheap and they get right to the core of what you need: more visible content directing more users to your services. These tools, when used correctly, will send your numbers soaring, as well as the number in your bank account.

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