7 Apps for the Mobile Business, Best Apps for Small Business

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Apps For The Mobile Business

There are lots of apps for the mobile business out there and I thought I would share some great ones that are focused on the small business. I use these apps on a daily basis to get more done in less time. I like to work in many different locations and with my goal to “work less and play more” these apps help get that done.

The power of the cloud continues to help our business have freedom and flexibility while remaining productive and focused on our clients.

I use two devices when I am on the road, or working remotely. I use a iPad for work and I have an Android based mobile phone. I have highlighted the apps for the mobile business that work on both platforms and also that work only on one or the other.

Apps for the mobile business - WebExWebEx

Android or iPad/iPhone

We use online meetings a lot, this is one of the must have apps for the mobile business. We are not always at our desk, WebEx is a great tool and now with the app I can host and attend meetings on my mobile our my iPad.

DropBox for iPad and AndroidDropbox

Get a Dropbox account free (referral link) get the apps Android/iPad/iPhone

Store files, photos, documents, presentation and more. This great little cloud storage app allows you to access all your files and upload files direct from your mobile device. A great feature to Dropbox as well, is the files are automatically synced to your computer. so when you are back in the office no extra steps.


If you don’t have an account get a free trial here (affiliate link)

If you really want to be engaged in your online community this is the app for you. The web version is great, however when not in the office you need to access all your social networks, Hootsuite helps you get this done.

Evernote Note TakingEvernote


Note taking in the cloud, this app rocks. I use it almost everyday. Use your mobile device to create notes, take picture and the best feature is audio notes!

Analytic Apps

For iPad I use Analytics for iPad , gives me full access to my Google Analytics account. Get all the reports and graphs for selected website.

For the Android I use DroidAnalytics, great reports and it gives me all the tools I need to track and analyze all my Google Analytics data.


iPad/iPhone or Android

This one is important, because we have virtual offices and we work from everywhere this service is a must. It works both on the iPad/iPhone and my Android. I can check messages, ringout to clients through my 800 number so no matter where I am I do not have to pay long distance charges for my mobile.



I work remotely a lot, I need to track time on client projects. This little time tracker app offers all the tools I need to track time for any give task or project. I then can export the reports for billing etc. For time tracking I only use the iPad because if I am working remotely it would be on the iPad, one of the great apps for the mobile business to track time.

What apps do you use to help your business when you are away from the office?

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