Why Marketing Matters More than Sales!

Marketing Matters More than Sales

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Most people look at the bottom line and think that’s the most important aspect of their business, but they would be wrong. Why do you say? Well, if you think about how much of an impact marketing has, it puts the current sales in a situation where your growth becomes stagnant. If you did not market, you could not really grow very much, leaving you with the sales you have now and little more. Plus, you would have a very hard time getting new sales leads since no one would know about what you have for sale.

Marketing vs Sales

Sales Pointers to Prove Marketing’s Importance

Think of any time you have recently gone to buy something. You already have most of the decision made up in your head, right? You have done the research, figured out the best price, figured out what bells and whistles you want your purchase to come with, and THEN you speak to someone in sales. Well, that’s great in many ways, as you have decided that buying the product or service is in your best interest. However, as it said at the beginning, you already have the majority of the decision made before you ever reach out to the person that is actually going to sell you what you want. Why is this? Marketing!

You have seen the product or service mentioned and likely advertised, in many different places. So much so that it has caught your attention. You have figured out that the idea in question is something that would either benefit your life or solve a problem you currently face. You know what you want this product or service to accomplish, and you have decided that it is worth putting your time and money on the line to get that, whatever-it-is. This is all the result of marketing. If it was not for the advertising you had seen or the words you had heard or read about the product or service, it would not have ever been something you thought about. It would not be the solution that you were looking for, to where you ended up talking with the salesperson.

What Sales Offers vs. What Marketing Offers

Sales offer buyers the product or service they want. That’s basically it. When you look at what a marketer offers, you see the difference. Marketing offers consumers value. They are able to paint a picture that explains what type of value the product or service is able to bring to that consumer’s life. If it was not for consumers being able to picture this item or idea in their life, they would never turn to the people responsible for sales. Sales departments and teams are very important. They make that face-to-face connection that most consumers need to put their name on the dotted line or to put their money on the line. But if it was not for the marketing putting the idea out there that this product or service was a benefit to this consumer’s daily routine, they wouldn’t be as likely to just show up in a salesroom ready and willing to buy.

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