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What You Love

What we use and what we love to use to get things done at DMG. This is my list and not what everyone around here uses, but hey… I am the one writing the post so I get to pick.

I have broken down the list into sections of you are looking for some tips in a specific area you can skip to that section.


Productivity & Scheduling
Mobile Apps & Remote Working
Website Management & Monitoring
Social Media & SEO
Desktop Apps

Become a Gmail Ninja

Enjoy and please share what you love or hate!

Productivity & Scheduling


  • Google Apps – This is our hub for everything we do – Email, Calendar, Docs, Collaboration.
  • GroupCamp – Project Management that is fully integrated with our Google Apps. Can we say productive…. ya
  • Livescribe Pen – I still love pen and paper when brainstorming idea. I just pick one of these smartpen’s up and love.
  • Evernote – Sync’s up with my smartpen and a great spot to store ideas and things that you want to get back to later.
  • MindJet – Mind mapping is a great way to get a good picture of what you are doing and where you want to go. Mindjet is the tool we love.
  • SugarCRM – Onboard in our work!


Mobile Apps & Remote Working


  • Android Phone – for my smartphone I use a Samsung Captivate with Android 2.2. What can I say I love Google stuff.
  • iPad – I have a first gen and still use it, paired with my Zaggmate keyboard it is a great solution for being mobile.
  • WebEx for iPad – We love WebEx, for meetings, training for clients and support this is a great tool. Now with the iPad we can do meeting with from anywhere.
  • MindJet for iPad – Mind mapping on the iPad, love it.
  • Evernote – On both iPad and Android. We love it, use to capture ideas, notes, to-dos what ever.
  • SugarSync – Get access to all our files from any device this is a great tool. Did a review on some other cloud hosting solutions here.


Website Management & Monitoring


  • WordPress – Our CMS platform of choice, powers our clients sites as well. Powerful platform and with a few tweaks it is a solid CMS
  • Genesis Framework – Sites that we build for clients are powered by WordPress with the Genesis framework. Great customization features and lots of options.
  • Dreamweaver – Our primary tool that we use for site development and coding.
  • NotePad++ – Another tool that we use for Coding sites.
  • Google Analytics – Can you believe this is free? We love google analytics, you can not get somewhere without knowing where you are now.
  • Media Temple – Our web servers are on Media Temples network, great platform great service.


Social Media & SEO


  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • HubSpot – We are a HubSpot partner and yes we eat our own dogfood. We love HubSpot and use it everyday!
  • Hootsuite – Some crossover between HubSpot and HootSuite, however we have been using Hootsuite for monitoring Social Media channels for sometime and it works for us.
  • Screaming Frog – This is a great App… We love it
  • WebCEO – Great tool for generating reports for clients, research etc.


Desktop Apps


  • OS – Win7, Mac OSX, Ubuntu 11, CentOS, Windows Server 2008 what can I say we are geeks
  • Camtasia Studio – Videos and training modules this is easy to use and that works for us!
  • MindJet MindManager – Mind-mapping sometimes this is just fun
  • Photoshop – The standard for image editing and manipulation
  • Illustrator – Another app we regularly use.




  • Google Music – This is new for me and I love it, thanks to +Dee Lanier for the invite.
  • Spotify – My new Favorite Music App!
  • CBC.ca – Yes, I am Canadian and love CBC. Listen online at cbc.ca
  • Slacker Radio – Another great spot to listen to streaming music.
  • Netflix – I do not watch cable TV, but I love a good movie.


That is what we love and use every day at DMG. What do you love?

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