Review of Notability App

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Notability App for Note Taking Review

Notability App

Checkout our updated review app for note taking – Notability Version 4

The first thing I can say is the web clip function in Notability is awesome. I am writing this post on the Notability app to get a feel for how it works. One of the features I really wanted to have a look at was the image wrap that is highlighted in the promotion video on YouTube.

There are a lot of note taking apps out there. Notability has some nice features that are not offered in the standard Notes app that comes on the iPad. But is it something that can be used in a workflow?

Notability DrawingsThe text wrap feature works very well. You have the ability to insert web clips, drawings, and pictures. Seamless and easy to use, drag the picture to the location that you want and size as required. Done…

I work in various and remote locations and I like the idea of having an app that can do all the things in one interface. Notability offers that freedom with web clips, drawings, audio recordings, and images.

The ability to add recordings to the note right from the note you are currently working is nice. If you were looking for an audio note tool, Notability gives you the best of both.

Exporting was seamless, you just click export, choose a destination and the options are Email, iTunes,  Dropbox, iDisk, WebDav, or Print. Then you pick the format, choose from RTF, RTF + Images + Recordings, or RTF + Images. You can also export as PDF or Notability format for backup.

The app worked very well overall. Text wrap on images was a very nice feature, and the built-in audio recordings were a pleasant addition. The interface is clean, and intuitive and pleasant to work with. I think this app would serve anyone looking to have a note taking app that would work for business and pleasure.

Some additions that would be nice would be an Android version, and some more drawing tools like graphs, tables etc.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of the Notability App. I will continue to use it a little more and will post a head to head review of some of the popular note apps in the future.

What apps do you use for Notes on your Mobile device?

Also, I have a promo code for the App. Leave a comment and I will pick a winner to get the Notability App free!

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