Keywords Are More Than Just Words in SEO

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SEO for business depends upon knowing what your keywords are and properly utilizing these keywords in all your marketing optimization campaigns and throughout your online presence. Keywords are terms or phrases that concisely describe your business. Think of a keyword as being a one to five-word definition about what your business does.

[pquote]Choosing the correct keywords can increase exposure to your business both online and offline.

Properly describing your business in concise terms gives a better picture of your business and what it has to offer. [/pquote]

On the opposite side, choosing inappropriate keywords can leave your web presence floating along the bottom of the website world. How many times have your searched online for something, only to result in a list of websites that do not pertain to what you are searching for? Or, how many times have you listened to a business presentation, only to be left wondering about the purpose of the business? Those businesses had poor keyword optimization campaigns. Many businesses have spent time, money and manpower to develop a marketing campaign and/or website presence centered on improper keywords.

Getting Started in Your Keywords Journey

Describe your business to friends, relatives, business associates and employees. Ask for words that define your business. This can be a great way to get SEO ideas for which keywords will best describe your company. Make a list of these terms, and use it as the starting point for your keyword marketing plan and SEO program.

To gain the best benefits from a keyword, use any number of online keyword popularity tools such as Google Keyword Tool or Wordtracker. These tools allow you to type in your chosen keyword or keyword phrase and produce results, letting you know how many Internet users are searching for your particular keyword or phrase during a set time period. Time periods can range from daily to monthly. On many sites, you can set your time period to narrow your search.

What is the Next Step?

Once you receive results from the Internet keyword optimization tool, you can adjust your list of keywords accordingly. You can find out whether more people are possibly searching for a misspelling of your keywords. Or, you may note that there is increased popularity or less competition for another term closely related to your preferred one. Either way, once you determine which keyword or phrase is the most popular, you can incorporate that keyword or phrase into your marketing literature and business publicity campaign.

What You Need to Know When Working With a SEO Firm

To be successful with keyword optimization, and SEO, you must have a thorough understanding about what your business does. Your business must be ultimately responsible for SEO optimization. SEO and keyword utilization for business can be a very detailed and time-consuming task, and some business owners do not consider it worth their time or effort. They simply outsource the services, without having any concern over the subject area. This can be harmful.

Even though many excellent firms exist that specialize in SEO, they may not have a thorough understanding of what your business is about and will need your input. Some experts may suggest using certain keywords without fully knowing how these terms relate to your business. If you do not understand your business, and the terms that properly define it, how can an outside source? Let your outside source come up with keyword terms and work with you to determine which best apply to your business for optimum results.

Choosing the correct keywords can bring new customers or potential customers to your business and add extra life to your operations or break your business success. The decision is up to you.

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