Download the Guide to Google Apps Power User Tips Cheat Sheet

Guide to Google Apps Power User TipsWant to become a Google Apps power user? Then this Guide to Google Apps Power Tips and cheat sheet and shortcut chart is for you. Learn tips and tricks to get more out of your Google Apps account including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites and more. This guide to Google Apps also includes some great addons to expand the capabilities of Google Apps right out of the box.

The Guide to Google Apps covers the Following Google Apps editions:

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Download The Guide to Google Apps book  and you will learn the following

The guide to Google Apps is updated as new features are available in your Google Apps account. By downloading the guide to Google Apps we will automatically email you the new version when it is updated.

Google Apps brings together essential services to help your business or institution communicate and collaborate more effectively. Administrators can choose to deploy a mix of the communication and collaboration products listed below.

Google Apps is a core suite of communication and collaboration applications including email, instant messaging, calendaring, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, web sites, video sharing and more. Google is continuing to expand and improve this core set of capabilities targeted at all employees.

Google Apps includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, chat, calendar, document creation, video sharing and project websites, and allows for easy extensibility with hundreds of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.

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