Google Currents – Getting Started

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Publish Your Content for Tablets and Smartphones

At the beginning of December Google announced a new project called Google Currents. Google Currents is a Flipboard like app that allows you to produce your content in a magazine style format for tablets or smartphone. Please note, this is currently in beta and only available in the US.

This tool is another way for you to integrate your Social Media and SEO strategies for your inbound marketing efforts.

It is very easy to setup and you can include your RSS feed from your website as well as integration for Google+ searches and posts.

Getting started with Google Currents Producer

Google Currents producer

Google Currents Wizard

Once you have signed in and accepted the terms you will be greeted with a walk-thru wizard to get your Google Currents Edition published quickly and easily.

Before you go to the next step a couple of things you might want to have ready to go:

  • A Title for your Edition
  • Your RSS feed Address
  • Your YouTube Channel Name

Customize Your Edition

Now that you have added your RSS and if you wanted your YouTube channel the wizard will poll your feed and gather some content so you can move to the formating part of producer.

You will be greeted with a success message and you can click the done button to move on.

At this point you will see a preview of your channel and you can start to customize the look, feel and content of your Google Currents Edition.

From here you have full control on what and how to display your content. The first thing you should do is put a description of what your Google Currents edition is about and pick a category that best suits your content.

Name and Category

Next, you will want to add an icon for your edition to display. Ideally you will want an image that is no larger than 128×128 pixels. This will be the icon that is displayed when people are looking for editions to add to their Google Currents reader app.

Google Currents Edition icon

You can now add sections to your edition and this is where I think Google Currents really takes off.

You can connect to your Google+ or other Social media RRS/Atom feeds, Flickr or Picasa photo feeds, Google Docs, and other RSS feeds. This is a really great way to provide valuable content to your readers from various channels.

Edit your Google Currents Sections

Some of the other nice features are that you can have people opt-in by email, and you can connect your Google Analytics account.

Once you have it all customized you can then click the distribute option. This will walk you through the testing your Google Currents edition on the different devices and setting your permissions.

Distribute Your Content

Done, once you publish your Google Currents edition it will automatically add new content when your reader syncs. You can now be sure that your content is clean and easy to read on the mobile devices of the reader’s choice.

You can download the Android App or the iOS App to view your edition and subscribe to others.  Be sure to subscribe to our Google Currents Edition – DMG News “Freeing you from the office”

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