Damang Media- Full support for Google Apps for Business

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Google Apps for Business Migration and Support Services

If you’ve been considering a move to Google Apps for Business, now is the time to make the move with support from Damang Media. We now offer full service support for businesses looking to migrate to the powerful tools offered through Google Apps for Business to make the transition smooth and seamless.

With our Google Apps for Business 30-day free trial, we believe you will discover how Google Apps can bring together essential services to help your business communicate and collaborate more effectively.A move to Google Apps for Business brings a powerful set of tools to any business.

Damang Media- Full support for Google Apps for Business 1

Email — Most people, by now, are familiar with Google’s popular email program, Gmail. Using Google mail for your business means gaining control of your email rather than letting it control you. Google mail has powerful spam filters, search features, works with Blackberry, iPhone and Android platforms and, best of all, has unparalleled storage with 25GB per employee.


Calendar part of Google Apps

Calendar — The web-based Google calendar app will keep your employees connected and organized. Employees can create and share multiple calendars and access these calendars from their mobile devices. Calendar syncing happens instantaneously reducing scheduling hassles and IT management concerns. You can also easily publish calendars and events to the web.

Google Docs

Document Control — Google Docs brings the power of cloud computing to your key documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Employees can edit and work on these web-based documents at the same time from multiple locations so everyone has the latest version of a document at all times.

Google Site

Sites — Google Sites brings another powerful tool to employees. With this app, employees can easily build collaborative websites for projects and events. The sites can help keep teams organized and you can control who has access to each of the sites — teams, the entire staff or the entire world.

Google Apps for Business has the power to transform how you do business. Cloud computing frees employees to work in new, collaborative ways from multiple locations as long as they have a mobile device. Flexibility allows employees to work more creatively and more efficiently.

[info]Damang Media can help assure the move from your current system to Google Apps for Business occurs seamlessly. We will also train your employees to harness the power of these applications and use them most effectively.[/info]

Our goal at Damang is to help you work less and play more and Google Apps for Business is the key to making this a reality for your business. Try our 30-day trial today and let us show you how this powerful business tool can transform the way you and your employees work.

Google Apps for Business Free Trial

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