DMG’s Fireside Chat

Fireside ChatDamang’s Fireside Chat is the beginning of your journey into the Cloud and Inbound Marketing, towards reduced costs and better business practice. It’s also the start of your relationship with the Damang Media Group.

Through a series of business focused webinars, we will get to know your business strategy and processes. Together, we will identify and discuss the bottlenecks, every-day frustrations and opportunities for growth. The culmination of this will be a “Connecting it All Strategy”, tailored specifically to your business, which we will develop and present back to you.

Business Focused Webinar

Success in the Cloud is 90% about business and 10% about technology. Anyone can purchase Cloud solutions, but if time is not spent understanding how they will best support the business strategy, they may fail to add significant value.

We will spend time to:

This is where DMG’s Fireside Chat comes in. Conducted at your offices or via Webinar Damang’s Fireside Chat will bring you and your business and IT teams together in an open and frank workshop environment. Together, we will explore your business strategy and processes. We will walk through typical customer journeys; from initial marketing contact, to sales proposals, quotes, orders and invoicing, through to customer support, up-selling and renewals.

It is a rare opportunity for you and your team to step back together and scrutinize your business objectively. This alone can often uncover new ideas for immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Depending on your business size, we may run multiple workshops with different departments. This will allow us to build a complete picture of how your business runs today and how you want it to develop.

Once we have presented your Connecting Adoption Strategy, you can decide whether to deploy it yourselves, or start with Damang’s “Adventure Begins”, or with another provider. We won’t be offended. In fact, regardless of your decision, Damang’s Fireside Chat is still a valuable exercise.

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