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Email Open RatesEmail open rates are extremely important for marketers, as this rate is often used as a way to determine how effective an email marketing or lead nurturing campaign has been. The open rate is the percentage of delivered emails that recipients open, and having a high rate is essential for making contact with your customers. There are several practices that are effective in boosting your email open rates, and a few of them are outlined below.

Email Open Rates Begin with a Great Subject Line

A stand-out subject line is just as important as your email content. It should be interesting and catchy without sounding like spam. When writing your subject line, be sure to use proper grammar and spelling while also creating a sense of urgency that makes your subscribers feel that they might miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t read your message. Personalizing the subject by referencing the past purchases, geographical areas, or interests of your subscriber is another great way to make your email relevant to each person that receives it and improve your email open rates.

Improve Your Email Deliverability

Ensuring that your subscribers are receiving your messages is a very important step improving your email open rates. One way in which you might improve your email deliverability is to check your spam score, and an ideal score is 0/8. If your score is over 0, you should make changes to your email in order to reduce it. Additionally, asking your subscribers to add your company to their address books can help to improve your rate of delivery.

Consider Email Frequency and Send Times Carefully

It is also important to find the right time to send your emails and the right frequency. Separate your subscribers into various groups that could warrant emails at different frequencies. While you don’t want to bombard them with messages, you also cannot ignore them. Additionally, Smartphone’s allow people to access their email when they are on the go, so try sending them out at times in which you feel that they will have access to their cell phone.

Choose Your Target Wisely

Spend time choosing your target and who your emails will be sent to, as subscribers who have no interest in your content are not likely to open your messages. Ensuring that you are emailing the right people will have a great affect on your email open rates and can improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign.

Other actions regarding your target may also be beneficial. By allowing your subscribers to choose the type of content they are interesting in receiving, you can feel confident that they are interested in what is being sent. Using list segments to send out targeted campaigns is also a good option, because by sending out targeted and smaller campaigns you will only reach out to the individuals who are interested in your content.

Simplify Your Signup Process

Another way to increase your email open rates is to simplify the process in which people can register to receive your company’s email correspondence. It is a poor strategy to make potential customers jump through hoops in order to receive your material. In order to make the process as engaging and effective as possible, consider providing a fulfillment piece during sign up as something to take away, and then market based on their needs.

What tips to you have to improve your email open rates? Post a comment and share!

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