Email Marketing Automation, 4 Quick and Easy for Ecommerce

Email Marketing Automation

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Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is the bread and butter of a lot of businesses in e-commerce. Its results speak for itself, which is why a lot of people invest time and money just to learn how to use these marketing strategies.

Whether you’re just getting started on marketing automation or you’re already an expert on this field, here are 4 essential tips you need to remember to help boost your sales.

1.     Customized subscription forms will always be needed.

Subscriptions, subscriptions, and more subscriptions come with well-placed forms where customers can sign up and subscribe to your email list. Even something as simple as a one-item form asking for their email can work.

Customizations also help reel in subscribers. It’s a lot easier to get customers to subscribe if they’re interested in what they’re seeing. Make as many customized subscription forms and landing pages as needed. For every target market you have, you should at least have one landing page and subscription form customized just for them.

Email automation works best when you have a sizeable number of subscribers so don’t forget to use every possibility to earn a new subscriber.

2.     Automated messages for milestones bring subscribers closer to the brand.

Have you earned a new subscriber? Automate the message welcoming them to your list! Someone finally made their first purchase? Automate that again! A subscriber made a mistake of clicking unsubscribe? Automate that and add a feedback form!

The smallest things like a customer’s first year with your brand can always help make the brand feel closer to the customers. You don’t even have to remember when all of these happen since email automation will do it for you.

Milestones will always be appreciated by subscribers, and automation can help you celebrate individual milestones with your customers.

3.     Reminders and other notifications bring in conversions.

Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge or reminder to get customers to finally decide to purchase that thing that has been in their cart for months. Promos and other discounts are also some of the most anticipated notifications for customers.

Both of these scenarios result into actual sales conversions, but they happen because of automated messages that remind customers. Whether it is an abandoned cart or an upcoming sale, make sure to automate these events get more opportunities for sales conversions.

4.     Planning ahead for email campaigns can boost results.

Timing will always play a big part in marketing. However, it’s one of those things that email automation can’t just decide for you. Here’s where man and machine become one to bring the best solution possible.

You have to plan ahead of the competition and know when the campaigns should be set in motion. Once everything is set, you can leave all the work to your automation tool. There is really no other way to put it but to remember that in the end, you’ll still have to plan campaigns. Automation only does the hands-on work of sending emails, but the brains have to come from you.


Those are the 4 quick tips to help your email marketing automation strategy. If you have questions or have other tools that you would like to share post in the comments below.

With email marketing still one of the best ways to connect with businesses, a good strategy of email marketing automation will help you grow and build your business. A good read and guides can also be found over at Campaign Monitor. 

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